I like this girl from NEW GAME

I like this girl from NEW GAME.

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me too

i don't

hot semen deposit, but not very cute

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stop making threads and go back to work, nene

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>t. Nene

I want to have a threesome with Nenecchi and Ahagon.

That other female programmer newbie whose name I don't remember, pls.


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I'd fuck her socks.

for me its my wife Yun

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Literally the worst geimu

good taste

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Which one of these fucks leaked The Last of Us?!

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I don't watch this anime, but the youngest girl is always the best girl.

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Take your meds Nene

touch a tummy

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I'd lick it very thoroughly

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is she a Pajeet?


They ruined new game with the two new girls.

It's a Japanese game studio not an American one.

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I don't know of any two new girls. All I know is a cow and a bitch.

just passing by to say I LOVE HER TOOO FUCKING DARK SKIN GODDESS AAAAAHHHHHGGHHHH FUCKING PEDOS RUINING THIS FOR ME WHY IS SHE SO UNPOPULAR I WANT MORE RULE 34 OF HER FUUUUUCK... ahem anyway she is pretty good and made me appreciate cocoa characters moar

Cocoa characters?

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Back to your containment thread! No high IQs allowed here!

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I like all girls from NEW GAME

You don't like the girls, you just like their feet.