I liked it

I liked it.

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Prove it.

If you like it so much why don’t you dump it, huh?
Good luck though because I only get 5 posts at most that aren’t mine whenever I dump Yugami

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I loved it


no you dont

Come to think of it, has this wool-headed nerd ever said or suggested something that wasn't wrong or backfired horribly?

I absolutely loved that slow-burn romance.

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I read it the other day, I thought it was great.

Anime when?

yugami is probably the only character never stated to be actually autistic but who i thought was actually autistic

Who wouldn't? It's pretty great.

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What romance?

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He's a more real take on it than most series.
He's not Rain Man counting the ass hairs on a passing bee instantaneously. He's a weirdo who doesn't fit in with others just trying to live what he imagines to be a normal life.

you forget the rooftop argument.

Sell me on it

I wish having autism would be like having his personality.

Ever get annoyed reading a manga or watching an anime and seeing the characters hate to stick out or break the mold?
Then Yugami-kun is the guy for you!

It doesn't exactly lead where the title and the premise make you expect.

Autistic loner that isn't an edgelord and lives every moment seeking improvement, chasing his dreams or having finding fun in the most traditional or weirdest of ways.

The one manga i know that features a mc who doesn't fit in and isn't made out to be a piece of shit who should change already (even though many of the people around him do think that)

It's the anti-"SoL about a loner making friends".

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The premise is a bit misleading. MC is a loner and likes being a loner but not in a self insert way. He doesn't follow the pack so his classmates hate him. Unlike other manga, he doesn't learn to make friends or some shit. It's hilarious.

yugami-kun is pretty cool guy
eh likes rakugo and doesn't afraid of anything

Well, he's not completely wrong about Chihiro.

>Implying Yugami is ever wrong.

This one. Yugami doesn't want a friend.

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I don't think he's autistic.

The title makes yugami out to be another insufferable romcom protag. However he's actually a hilarious chad who does what he wants and has a weird obsession with rakugo. Yugami owns up to his own dumb shit. you'll think it's a baseball manga after volume 1 but I promise it isn't

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Just want to say that I don't remember the context of this screenshot I couldn't stop laughing when I first read it

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I liked this one.
Truly, Yugami coming to appreciate mammals must be his most impressive and shocking development.

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this desu