Japan opening up to Westerners(1853)

>Japan opening up to Westerners(1853)

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cat hat pirate asuka or regular asuka

she's a violent angry bitch anyway

for me, it's Soryuu

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3.0 shes less bratty

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Soryu is cute


It's Reiwa era now. Asukafags BTFO

The Asuka era was one of the most prosperous ever. Reiwa has already started out being shit, with coronavirus

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Asuka Shikinami
A former hero known by the name Asuka Langley Soryu
"How Disgusting"

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Is Asuka getting RICED or is Shinji getting BELACHED?

>Shinji, are you trying to kill Arael?
>And this Spear of Longinus?

The latter. Asuka is obviously the dom in this relationship.



>27 years old

redrop is a treasure

>Shinji and Asuka
Yuck. Shinji is for Rei only. Only person in his life who ever fucking cared about him asides from Kowaru. I hope Shinji and Rei both find happiness whether it be from each other or somewhere else. Also fuck Wille, fuck Neo-Nerv, and fuck Misato in particular. They can all burn.


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Asuka likes Shinji.

Rei isn't a character, she's a plot device.

>Asuka likes Shinji
Sure. Hence why she doesn't even attempt to explain anything to him despite being locked up in stasis for 14 years or try to at least provide him with something he may recognize or feel comfortable with rather than punching the glass which separates them so hard it cracks and saying some cryptic bullshit. Meanwhile, 2.0 Rei genuinely cared about Shinji and Shinji cared about her in return to the point where he willingly piloted an Eva to try and save her. When he realized the 3.0 Rei is not the same as 2.0 Rei and he didn't save her he would've spiraled if not for Kowaru. There is not a single moment where Asuka even tries empathize with Shinji. Yes, she can be mad and doesn't even need to forgive him for the near 3rd Impact but that doesn't mean she can't try to reach out to him and talk to him, even if it's still in her usual somewhat abrasive demeanor, as to try and get him to understand and be comfortable with what's going on. With the way Asuka acts to Shinji in 3.0 it doesn't make any sense for her to like him. In fact, everyone in Wille (other than Toji's sister) acts like a complete and total dick to Shinji and I can't really blame him for running off to Neo-Nerv. Hell even fucking Neo-Nerv explains more shit to Shinji than the "good guys" at Wille. Even 3.0 Rei seems to want to be the Rei Shinji wanted and try to "rekindle" whatever relationship they had before she was taken and "reborn".


That's understandable.

Who even cares about the Rebuild continuity? Eva is TV + EoE

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Why is Eva the undisputed king of hentai and doujins?

Did Netflix fix their mistakes for the series? Or is it still "their vision"

What were their mistakes?

is this you're only justification why you have the wrong opinion

Loads of unresolved sexual tension in the series, plus top tier female characters
Stop spreading this meme. It was Khara's vision. Netflix just hosts the fucking release
Saying Asuka cares for Shinji is true for classic Eva, but untrue for Rebuild (barring her going dere dere for a while in 2.0)

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I'm the user you replied to. I liked looking at the Rebuilds as their own separate-yet-connected entity. I also view them as a sequel series desu. Even so, everything I mentioned retains to the Rebuilds, and has no effect whatsoever on the original series, so feel free to disregard it if you don't like the Rebuilds and care more about the original series.

>Saying Asuka cares for Shinji is true for classic Eva, but untrue for Rebuild
This I can 100% agree with.


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Asuka loves smegma

Smegma Diver is an underrated episode.