Shingeki no Kyojin

Time for Mikasa thread. In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute Ackerman

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>escape on our SHIP
>That text is in Jean
We got this JMbros

Yes Mikasa I have fucked him, what are you gonna do about it

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Mikasa is beautiful i love her

Can't compete with the H E I C H O U

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I like Manlet better, look at this back.

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JM is a crackship if there ever was any.

Am I the only person that’s dissapointed Mikasa got all that focus on 123 only for her to do nothing the next 5 chapters?

Mikasa is the poster girl.


I really love Reiner. I wanna marry him, bros.

>t. psychopath

Is love

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That's Isayama's m.o. lately. He's catching up with character development. It's like when Ronnie seemed like the MC forming the alliance and wasn't heard again the next chapter. Now he's murdering people. She'll get to do something else soon, or maybe 128 and saving ninja granny is it.

Soon, Annie

YH was so kino

129 is going to be a Manlet chapter to follow up Yelena's line
A nothing happens chapter in other words

>t. psychopath

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I miss Zeke

Sorry, she's Armins trophy you know.

Isayama needs to get to Historia and Mehmet already

*no ones

Seriously, if all of this happened offscreen it would have been much better.

I want to savor every inch of Mikasa's sweaty muscular body.

You mean the Yeagerist midboss fight? Yeah don’t get why they didn’t offscreen this shit, not like anyone expects Armong’s squad to lose

Please feel sorry for Armin

If it was offscreen it would have been shit too. Just imagine AMJC just showing up in Liberio (where the final battle is probably going to take place) saying in one line that they got rid of the Yeagerists. The last few chapters have been badly written but it's necessary to show it.

>we killed 4 of the Yeagerists

Never, Hange only killed two

Everything from 125 upwards should have been offscreen. It's not like the Yagerists mattered outside of their leaders.

Where is Liberio relative to Marley? Hans said Eren destroyed northern Marley already last chapter

I like lipstick Historia the most

No, it shouldn't. Isayama should have put more care into it.


We don't know. It must be landlocked, I think it doesn't have a harbor considering Gabo and the others arrived by train from Turkey

Well that sucks, I at least wanted Eren to demolish Marley and not-China before Armong’s band of faggots stopped him