Hachi-nan tte

Our favorite eighth son embarks on more adventures soon.

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I do not take responsibility for this kid. I told you we should use protection. You said it was unnecessary.
This is all on you now.

This show isn't very good

>[HorribleSubs] Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - 05 [1080p].mkv

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Subs where?

>hahaha wouldn't it be funny if I married your granddaughter

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Divorces don’t exist in this world?

For fuck’s sake, the lesbian baseball anime has more discussion than this thread.

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>okay so he can only marry the big-tittied aryan saint of the Church, but he'll still want a few girls on the side right?
It's nice when harems are so understanding.

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Thankfully we have transcended the age of harem anime.

It's a Kirara show. It was bound to have more discussion solely because of that.

If only this thread was filled with more high quality posts such as yours.

I really enjoyed the autism of this scene.

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No, they all marry him. The saint will just be the main wife.
And then he will also have extramarital sex with his brother's widow because why not.
Good anti-Christian values.

Why is this show so bad?
None of the characters other than MC has any personality. Even him hardly has any.
His "friends" are just hanging around him cause he's a noble with OP stats. They're more like ass kissers than actual friends.

Most isekai LN authors have no creativity, the settings are almost all generic fantasy shit with overpowered MC like this.

Even shows with generic settings can manage to be enjoyable as long as the characters are good.
This show is just so bad in that regard, everybody is boring,

This show is so generic I don't even remember anyone's names or even what the plot is about.

Good Mormon values that save the white race.

I unironically enjoy this series because it's not all battle + action. Though the skip from episode 3-4 and the CGI in 4 was really bad.

Why the fuck im enjoying this shit

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Because it's not generic shounen battle crap.

>his brother's widow
What? Which brother dies? There's 7 of them.

Yeah, this show is terrible, but with the rona going around I'll watch anything.

I see, thanks for enlighten me m8.

I enjoyed the first two episodes since the "irrelevant non-inheriting son of a poor noble" bit was at least a bit interesting, but then they ruined it with the generic powerwanking in subsequent episodes.

>Which brother dies?
The first brother inherits their parents lands. So MC goes there, starts shit and undermines his authority until the brother snaps and tries to fight back.
SOMEHOW he ends up dead.

> Which brother dies? There's 7 of them.
The oldest. His marriage we saw at the beginning of episode 1.

Oh, I should have guessed as much.

>MC goes there, starts shit and undermines his authority until the brother snaps and tries to fight back.
That sounds kind of interesting, but my suspicion is it'll be ridiculously bland and cartoonishly stupid at the same time.

>but my suspicion is it'll be ridiculously bland and cartoonishly stupid at the same time.
It is. It's one of those few times when a protagonist does something actually morally questionable, but the author completely fails to flesh it out. It just sort of happens.

That sucks. There's so much wasted potential because the MC just has to be a "perfect" character to the point of passivity. Like when the lords were arguing over how much to pay him for the dragon bones, or him offering to buy his brother some wedding presents. There are far more complex interactions that could have been made out of those scenarios, but we don't get even a bit of that.

This sounds completely against his character

the king, the duke and all his backers making him do it iirc

How will he die?

He didn't put up any resistance though.

Uses ancient artifact and becomes a super-undead. Then he gets gay-hugged to death.

Just so that the glorious MC will be completely innocent of anything. I would have much preferred it if the MC actually took some responsibility for htis.

They could have had the MC look at the situation, realise that his brother was totally unfit to run the fief, engineer some scheme to demonstrate his incompetence and find legal ways to seize it for himself in order to develop the land and help people there, etc. And then the brother could get into some kind of accident and die, and the MC could feel a bit of remorse over it. That would be far better.