Bunny Girl Senpai

Don't sit there and tell me that Sakuta's bantering isn't legendary.

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It isn't,

I've seen too many people who say they're just like him yet wouldn't dare declare their virginity to a crowd at the train station. Fucking cowards.

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Watch the first 3 episodes of bakemonogatari
It's better then all of bunny girl senpai.


Araragi doesnt even like senjo

He's generic-brand Kyon

Kyon himself is generic.

>bunny senpai
Yes yes, I'm sure it's all very impressive if you're 12.

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That's a pretty nice line, doesn't warrant a dedication post for it though

Sounds like a simp to me

kek, no
None of the clones ever managed to top him

Even if you didn't like the show the banter in Bake was well done. This show only got popular because of Rikka.

>poor man's monogatari
no ty

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You're not making a shit thread on purpose, are you?

Yes he does.

It's more like Haruhi.

BGS is based for showing the faggots who complain about Endless Eight that their ebin "solutions to make it better" are utter garbage.

monogatari would've been perfect with MC like sakuta. araragi sucks

come on now you're not even trying

No. That would just be genderbent crab.

It isn't because a lot of his "bantering" is just spouting out paragraph-length remarks at people who don't reply. It's the perfect example of "things you wish you had said in a conversation".


It's the best part about the show

Based bunnyCHADS
Cope, seething, dilate

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>He thought was a pro-BGS post
I'm gonna spare you total humiliation by saying that i actually liked the show (especially the movie), but damn dude at fully least read the posts you're quoting

Why is that picture a thing?

Whoopsie I misclicked. Mass replying is harder than it looks

Idk. Reminds me of the Smash rosterfag pics on Yas Forums.

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