Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise

Is Yas Forums watching the best Gundam series in years?

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This week's Patrick. There was a shot of him earlier in the episode, but that was just a reshot from OG Build Divers.

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So EL Divers are actually ancient aliens, or just a byproduct of their meddling? I'm liking how it's slowly abandoning the typical Build series tone and becoming more of a classic scifi story.
Still, it's quite retarded how nobody irl seems to be giving a fuck about it, though. No government or GBN administration taking notice and even Magee seemed chill when hearing about motherfucking extraterrestial life and ancient space wars. And what about trying to gather the four best fighters in all of GBN to fight this war instead of some random dudes?

Government and the GBN probably don't know there exists another planet light years away full of furries, I mean why would they suspect that anyways? People who left for Eldora are still considered logged in to GBN, which is the case for Masaki right now, so as far as tehy are concerned, Masaki is just a NEET and not someone who is being mind controlled in another planet. And Magee is Magee, always chill about a lot of things, and knows May won't lie.

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Is this anywhere near the first season of Build Fighters?

Death to furries.

Covid killed the already low hype, which is a shame since it's miles better than Try and Divers combined and we're about to enter the endgame now that we got the infodump out of the way.

It's very different.
Right now it's a hard sci-fi show.

>protect el dorado
>shut down
>GBN devs are so fucking incompetent somehow they manage to reactivate an ancient computer in an entirely different part of the galaxy through their shitty spaghetti code
>sees planet has become infested with furfags
>launch furrygenocide.exe
Oldfag did nothing wrong

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>dragon space battles are hard sci-fi

It's more of a normal Gundam AU than a build series at this point. The main characters are astrally projecting their gunplas across the galaxy to fight an out of control AI trying to genocide a planet of furries.

>tfw updating the localization files on a regular tuesday patch opens up a spacetime portal and awakens an ancient alien supercomputer on the other side of the galaxy

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Fantasy scifi I mean.

>unironically watching build consoom

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One really has to question why GBN has the hardware to be receiving deep space signals directly into their game servers.

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Does Yas Forums even watch Gundam any more?

More then likely the entirety of GBN was made using tech from the Ancients, after the ones that went to space landed on Earth. Tori could be an ancient themselves and is why her programming is so far and above what all of the other devs were capable of. So the signal from Eldora finally connected after something happened, maybe even on purpose.

Not since it devolved into toy garbage for children.

Gundam is just better as a recurring sci fi fantasy war series in comparison to this garbage continuity for furries and waifu retards.

>Gundam is just better as a recurring sci fi fantasy war series
Then you'll like Re-Rise.

Mecha is a declining genre these days. It doesn't help that nobody is even making new mecha stuff other than Gundam. So everyone is just watching isekai or highschool romcoms

Rerise literally has one of the highest in-story stakes and most sci-fi fantasy setting the franchise now.

The first season of Build Divers was trash, is this better?

quite so.

Patrick's IRL wife is cute

Much better. It makes you feel bad for furries.

>seed destiny poster
No wonder he's such a idiot and furry fucker.

Reminder that the next episode is going to be the last episode before the hiatus, those damn Chinese.

Are the furries carbon-based or silicon-based lifeforms?

You seem to be lost, newfag-kun.

>So dad, how do you deal with plagiarism

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