Drifting Dragons

Is this worth a watch?
I just saw they released it on Netflix.

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No. Read the manga instead.

I would probably read it after watching this season desu

The cgi is not that bad but the manga's artstyle is too good to not read it.

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that dude has got some pretty feminine hips damn

What is this show about anyway?

Whaling, but dragons.

Looks like Nausicca.

If the 3D CGI doesn't bother you then it's a decent watch

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Sounds precariously based.

>anime is CGshit
>manga is untranslated
I hate this

I tried to watch it but the 3D CGI models are just gross

We have 7 volumes of the manga scanned already. Waiting on volume 8 but that won't happen for a few months.

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vannie is impressively attractive
but I would also a takita

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they're wearing american football pants

Which volumes the anime covers?
I wanna watch it and go to the manga right after.


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first 4

>dragons are dangerous monsters that need to be hunted to extinction to protect humans
>Look at them floating in the sky doing nothing until we attack them

Whaling propaganda was a mistake

but read from the start because the art is fucking good

Isn't this basically pro-whale-hunting propaganda?

just read the manga

i watched it with zero expectations and it was actually really enjoyable and the cgi wasn't bad. it's a far cry from the manga art though which i've been enjoying reading.

I really thought people were exaggerating the whaling aspect of it but Christ almighty they really do just travel from place to place slaughtering pretty much everything that they see. They don't even try to make the dragons seem threatening in any way.

Their diet also seems to only consist of meat which can't be good for your poops.