Code Geass

Kids think that Lelouch was correct, but adults understand that Code Geass is a story about infantilism destroying a wodernful country.

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wondernful country

> but we are all equally worthy human beings
where is your empire then?

Nyanderful country.

>oppressive evil empire GOOD

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nature has morals
the question was about correctness, not how you fe-fe feels


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Kids think that Lelouch was correct, but adults understand that Lelouch is gonna FREE THE SHIT OUT OF JAPAN

>when ledouche's parents are explaining why they did him dirty like that but actually did it because they loved him so much
>he just fucking erases them because fuck you mom and dad and his dad dies trying to strangle him


Real adults understand code geass is a shit story trying to be a serious drama but can't pull it off

Kids think about politics but adults understand it’s about who would make a wodernful Waifu.


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No Geass never tried to be serious but pretended to be

>we actually love you
>which is why threw you as hostages into a country we later invaded, didn't provide any secret protection to ensure you were safe, left you at the mercy of family friends, didn't let you in on the secret when you grew older and more mature, and generally behaved like uncaring psychopaths while you and your sister suffered


Did you forget the plan would create heaven on earth where the dead and the living could coexist for eternity? Death would be meaningless. There would be no separation. They could easily find thier kids even if they dead.

>I will sacrafice all my freinds and family (even nunally) for the greater good of my plan
>also lelouch
>wtf noooo how could you just sacrifice me for the greater good of your plan? !! You monsters! Wahhhh reeeee
>but we would erase the concept of death and we would see you again
>reeee no i dont want eternal peace its booooring !!

it is a badly written nonsensical cliche filled asspull anime. they spend the majority of the series showing how smart the protagonist is. he is not wrong.

This guy gets it

>badly written nonsensical cliche filled asspull anime
Holy mother of buzzwords
>they spend the majority of the series showing how smart the protagonist is
It doesn't though.

So just of curiosity did most of you guys watch code geass in sub or dub?

sub its the way to go

I don't even remember what the fuck happened with Lelouch's parents

There was no dub when I watched Code Geass.

Lelouch erased them

I watched the first season dubbed because I caught it on tv at the time, watched second season dubbed because I couldnt be fucked waiting.

Intelligence is recognizing Code Geass as the pinnacle of mecha anime and being proud of it.

Naivety is hating Code Geass because of "muh blot holes"

Retardness is liking Code Geass but telling yourself it's "just for de lulz!" because you're too ashamed to admit it

Lelouch deserved to become Emperor, Britannia's ideology was about becoming the strongest and that not all people are equal, turns out Charles was below Lelouch and that's why he lost.

Lelouch was a true Britannian and acted like one, why are you complaining ?

Even Charlie hated his country.

Charles wanted to destroy existence.
Lelouch was right to kill him.

Charles was an awful person with a great plan.
Leloush was a goodish - if TERRIBLY flawed - person with no real endgame besides "Destroy Ersatzgranbretan".

>Lelouch was a true Britannian and acted like one, why are you complaining ?
Even if you're b8ing, you do have a point:
Why where the knights pissed on the way Lelouch took over? From what we have seen this was a natural cause.
Sure, you defend the Emperor to your death while he's alive, but done is done.

After Rolo's sacrifice cured Lelouch's 3rd depression, Lulu locked himself & Charles in the world of C presumably for eternity and started grilling daddy from answers why mommy died. Charles deflected until Marianne showed up and then told his tragic backstory. Because of the vicious infighting, he and Lulu's uncle V.V. had swore to create world without lies with Marianne & C.C. joining the plan later on. V.V. became jealous of Marianne, killed her & lied to Charles about it, unaware that Marianne had used her Geass to hide in Anya's body. Lulu & Nunnally were sent to Japan away from V.V.. and Marianne told C.C. to hide, which became problem later on because they needed Second Code to finish Sword of Akasha in order to succeed at the grand plan of killing Humanity's unconsciousness (God). Since C.C. refused to come back, they had to use Lulu as bait. Lelouch realizes that his entire rebellion was pointless, C.C. & Suzaku show up.

Lulu then rejects his parents vision by arguing that people don't lie to just fuck with each other and that the world without changes would be just meaningless existence. Charles dares Lulu to do something about it which results into Lulu's Geass evolving as he Geasses the "God" ("Even so what I desire is the future") and ends up with God breaking the Sword of Akasha. As the God begins devouring his parents C.C.remarks that Charles & Marianne only cared about themselves. Marianne protests, but Lulu calls out his parents bullshit pointing out that the world they wanted would only be gentle to themselves whereas he desires world where even strangers could be kind to each other using Nunnally's smile as metaphor before ordering God to finish them off.

Its honestly one of the better scenes of the CG and great culmination for Lulu's character

i'm not baiting, this is textbook Britannian ideology, Charles was weak and lost to Lelouch, so Lelouch became Emperor.
the Knights lost to Lelouch and Suzaku, so they were replaced, if anything, the other knights were traitors, only Orange was loyal and a true Britannian as well.

all that makes sense, Lelouch didn't do anything wrong.

Childhood is thinking Lelouch is correct
Teenage years is thinking Charles is correct
Adulthood is realizing that Pizza Hut was right all along.

he doesn't Geass "God", he Geass the "Will of the people", not exactly god if i remember right.

>Code Geass as the pinnacle of mecha anime
Dude no
It's pretty good but it's nowhere near the pinnacle

Godd Geass wasn't about politics you goon, it was about immortality and the price of losing your humanity. As it turns out, giving up your humanity is great and lets you live forever with the hottest piece of ass on the planet.

>give up immortality
>stuck with C.C.
Code Geass is a story about the importance of maintaining your humanity in spite of the loftiness of your goals and that no matter the outcome, never submitting yourself to the eternal hell of dealing with C.C. even if it comes with unimaginable power.

>missing the point of Zero Requiem this hard
Entire reason why Lulu & Suzaku rejected Charles' plan in the world of C was forcing good intentions on others. Lulu's final plan was to gamble on his optimism that when given a chance, humanity is capable of creating better future, albeit he did stack the deck quite heavily in his favour since with Geassed Schneizel and Zero's own post as the leader of UFN's armed forces combined with the popularity of messianic savior figure the odds were rigged towards Lulu's favored outcome

Real mystery is why Britannians went along with it, since as Lulu was ideal Emperor from the Brit pov. In the first few days of his reign he had eliminated aristocracy, broken up financial megacorps & liberated the Numbers, followed by successfull world conquest after defeating Black Knights & Schneizel's rebels at the same time. Outside of the upper classes who got fucked over, only noted downside of the "Demon Emperor's" reign for average Britannian was killing the entire family of anyone who criticized him. Logically most Brits would have loved him anyway, so that does seem quite small price to pay. I wouldn't be surprised if the CG-version of Internet would be full of "Lelouch did nothing wrong"-posters