ITT : Tropes/Cliches you like

ITT : Tropes/Cliches you like
- Defeated Antagonist from previous Season becomes a complete joke character in the next Season.

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>shounen battle manga
>characters use real martial art techniques

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>final arc
>all of the protagonists' allies die/sacrifice themselves one by one in a hotblooded blaze of glory to help the protagonist reach his goal
>final battle
>all of the protagonists' allies are with him in spirit

>Defeated Antagonist from previous Season becomes a complete joke character in the next Season.

Name Anime list of this?

>Loyal trusty friend/right hand man who is better than the MC in nearly everything but will still follow the weakling MC.
These are the best bro characters.

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Wan piss

>strongest guy in villain's team has a change of heart in the middle of the plot
>wrecks fucking everything

Long time rivals throw insults at each other

The entire cast of dragon ball minus like 3 people is entirely formed of defeated villains, most of them becoming jokes

Example or two?

love this one

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>one of the antagonists gradually realizes he's doing the wrong thing and starts sabotaging his master or joins the party

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>immortal or character with regenerative powers get injured and either shrugs it off as nothing, or thinks its fun
>also includes some cool and creative guro so win win

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>good guy character enters blind murderous rage

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>mundane actions represented with over-the-top visual metaphors
god I love when that happens, whether it's in Hajime no Ippo, Ping-Pong, Kaiji or wherever else

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>antagonist gets more screen time and is shown to be a much more compelling character that steals the spotlight from the mc over time

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>The parents actively ship the male and female leads together even though they aren't dating yet.

Well timed insert songs are my jam. Better yet,
>OP plays during the series climax

>The one bad guy that doesn't really have any gimmick or special power, they just tank everything and unga bunga the protagonists into the ground.

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>fight exposition is done by flash-forwards where someone is being interviewed about what happened

older girl with the big boobs

Too bad it doesn't happen more often

Trails in the Sky is a videogame, but kind of does this. The main antagonist of the first game returns to kick the ass of the bad guys in the second game. Hes fully playable in the third game and is by far the most broken character in the huge party you have.

>show about a bunch of kids discovering something supernatural or extraterrestrial during the summer and there are also romantic undertones

Would kill for another season of this.

>parents of MC still love each very much and act all cutesy with each other

What's good about it?

Monster is so good and grimmer is the best

>character introduced
>don't get backstory for them until way later in the series
>completely re-contextualizes everything they've done up to that point