ITT: Anime/Manga couples that are not destined to happen

It can be from ongoing/completed series

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Lies. Yoshikawa will subvert all expectations and Nagi and Erika will develop a siblings-like relationship.

>There are people who still think Hiro will win when she wasn't even in the one-shot and when you consider the premise of the manga

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Calm down Hirobro, we're winning this one.


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>i have a fiancee who regularly fuck me but if you try hard enough maybe you can service his bjc
I hate this type of bitch. Stop leading him on and giving vague hints. I was a Hirofag but not anymore.

people say the same about onodera

It's a fucking shame, really, why include a third wheel that's not a boring doormat but actually has a personality right off the bat?
There's not even tension because you know Erika is winning.

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Onodera was different since she was a childhood friend, and even then her chances were still fairly small.

>childhood friend
user... recently that changed but back then it a death flag

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doesnt count if said childhood friend is the first girl

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shit it was for this guy

I don't know whether to be impressed or mad.

Both is the correct answer.

Hiro pantyshot when?

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In case anyone might forget, it's Hiro's birthday on Saturday.

Wow he has the same birthdate as my boyfriend.

She was the best of the girls and nothing can convince me otherwise.

Hiro's a girl though, which is funny since all the other people named Hiro I know are guys.

Fuck off shill

Yeah and that's cute.

She definitely was the best on paper.

If Nagi wasn't such a beta, he would've called her out on her BS or just told her to fuck off and gave Erika the dick instead.

She was best until she went full snek.

My waifu and her canon love interest. She's suppose to be with me ;_;

>Hiro's name is written in hiragana
>Erika's name is written in katakana
>Everyone else's names are written in kanji
What did Miki mean by this?

>She was the best
And she still is. Only lost because of Hana Kana curse.


But that made her better.

HanaKana won in Tokyo Ravens and NagiAsu

MKL stop shilling your waifu here. She'll lose, destiny will be broken in this series.

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