ITT: First vs. Last Volume Covers Comparison

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interesting thread

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I like the idea

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Kek, the average bleachfag doesnt even know how their final volume looks like.

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>how to lose your whole style just to make something look better technically
Hell, it doesn't even look like he's gripping his sword in the second pic.


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Thats fanart
This is the final volume, but yes the art does suck.

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is it any good?

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it ended?

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I dont think the last cover is the best example of development, but those are the rules i guess.

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In 2016

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But its still 2011 I dont understand

The structure of time has changed

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Fitting for that ending.

It is, but prepare for the viewpoint to switch every volume, and return to the original characters only at the very end

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>lost kid at the start of his journey
>oversized fake sword showing poor reiatsu control

>august stature
>mature man at the end of his journey with a kid to boot
>no sign of zangetsu because he is the weapon
>some bitch that should be with her husband

I think its pretty cool how this manga exaggerated their physical smallness and reversed that to show the other dancers as chiseled fucking chads. They never really reach that point themselves, but that is entirely within the theme of the manga. They still have the same wide smiles on their faces, and that's the important thing.

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>reading comprehension

Just perfect.

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