How do you cope with the anime stop right now?

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Learning Japanese and learning how to draw. I have a lot of free time and am unemployed. I just need to get to the point where time spent on Yas Forums is translated on doing practice work.

my backlog

By not being a seasonal consooomer piece of otaku filth

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Read manga and watch older, actually good series. Its not that hard.

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I watch old anime

I only watch maybe one or two new series a year anyway. There's plenty of older, better stuff in my backlog still.

Practicing art fundies

why did you make the same thread again

I have 600 or so titles in my backlog.

he says while posting shitruto

there isnt even that much anime out there

What are you watching fellow backloggers? I finally got around to watching Gankutsuou and I'm starting Kaiba after I finish Hoozuki no Reitetsu.

consume the better form of media, manga.

by watching anime. I don't watch new stuff anyway

Who gives a shit about anime? Anime is fucking dead. Real men read manga.

I watched the first season of Minami-ke, but I heard the following ones were bad.

There's around 40 anime a season with 4 seasons a year that makes it 160 per year, so that would be about 3 to 4 years worth of anime.

Only the 2nd is really bad as far as I can remember.

do you care that much that you just make these on a daily basis now?

I just watched Boogiepop and i'm trying to warp my head around it. It might be a while before i watch something else if i decide to read the LNs (in which case i'm probably gonna read the Haruhi LNs as well). My backlog includes Bokurano, Ghost Hound, RahXephon and Utena, and i'll have to rewatch Texhnolyze as well.

You made this thread yesterday. I will say the same thing I said yesterday.
Watch earlier shows you lazy cunt

Boogiepop is on my list too. The newer one is what I should watch right?

but user, seasonalfags don't actually like watching anime. They just want to shitpost and feel like a part of the community. That's why he made this thread again

Boogiepop and Others is an adaptation of some of the source material, Boogiepop Phantom is an anime-exclusive sequel. I did find them both interesting, but yeah watching the newer one first seems like the most logical thing to do (but honestly the narrative is already non-linear so that probably won't change much as you'll get confused anyway)

I know. I will keep telling them to watch more anime other than every seasonal subpar show until they realize that watching anime is not a replacement for a personality

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Sounds good. I don't mind being confused for a while as long as the experience is enjoyable and it leads to something.

mount and blade bannerlord, i'm only 45 hours into it.

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>Unironically using MAL or one of the clones

Whats wrong with using it to catalogue what you've watched/as a backlog?

It's a .txt except you're giving money to jews and getting mixed with redditors. Literally just use an actual .txt

Only 2/11 anime I am watching are post poned.
I'm working on my backlog and reading manga

you count every single shit in? wtf is wrong with you