Solely based on the looks who appears to be the best here?

Solely based on the looks who appears to be the best here?

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Sugu's sugus

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I know they're from Sword Art Online, but the only one I know is Asuna. Or maybe the left one's name is kinon? with a natural hair color, I assume. Ultimately my choice is Asuna. I also literally farted.

RIght by far

imagine being smothered by their warm, smooth, and soft legs

The imouto of course.

She is a cousin.

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middle > right >>>>>>>> left

Right appears to be the best based on looks, however the amount of flab indicates that she will likely balloon outwards in later years. Ergo, middle.

middle > left > right

left > middle > right

She plays kendo professionally.
It is surprising she is not a busty musclegirl.

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She is quite molestable

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glasses because fetish.

Sinon, you can tell by the glasses she's into really kinky shit.




Sinon is easily the lewdest when it comes to appearances alone to the point where Asuna and Leafa both get consumes in various arcs that aren't necessarily made for fanservice. But EVERYTHING Sinon has ever worn has been some kind of slutwear, so her

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those breasts are perfect

Sinon >>>>>>>> Asuna > Sugu

Fuck asuna marry sinon kill sugu.

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The one on the right

Right and bonus points for cousin tits

The better question is, which one is the best rapebait?

Sugu always

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