Ghost in the shell

>ghost in the shell

Wtf is this?
I only watched 10 second.

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Watch SAC, 2nd GIG and SSS beforehand.

That meme became old really fast.

Cute side pits.

Binged the first 5 seconds of this. Should I keep going?

Just watch those and stop and that.

>That meme became old really fast.
Nah that webm is gonna age like fine wine.

Post the fluff version of this poster that some user made please.

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The global karma default was a horrible tragedy, but Yas Forums's policy of sustainable shitposting will keep the internet alive.

>that soul
thank you based user

Yeah, except its only part thats actually meme worthy out of context.

You might keep trying tho.

That CG looks terrible, it's like everything and everyone is made of plastic.

But Major is made of plastic. She's a brain jar in a gorilla sex bot.


1- not everyone is the major
2- she doesn't look like our crazy gorilla babe in this



You know, after I made that post I knew that someone retarded enough would jump in to defend it with the "but it works for the major :)"
Once again, I said everything looks like fucking plastic, plus no it fucking doesn't because at this point in history of GitS robutts and cyberpussy are pretty much indistinguishable from regular humans on an average glance, so no it still doesn't fit.
Thanks for playing right into it you fucking retard.

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Yeah, you kinda do.

Dunno I don't like episodic garbage

>I-It was a b-bait, you're retarded

Peak Yas Forums argument


graphics looks bad. it looks drawn

I like it. you fucks won't change my opinion

Dude, I'd post the comic where there's a guy about to shit in your plate saying "how do you know it's shit? it's not even out yet!"

But the situation we're in is more like: your plate is already full of shit, you've even eaten a little bit of it, it was shit, and the guy is saying "HOW DO YOU KNOW IT'S ALL SHIT? YOU HAVEN'T EATEN ALL OF IT YET! MAYBE YOU ATE THE ONLY BIT OF SHIT AND EVERYTHING ELSE IS CHOCOLATE MOUSSE!"

So no. You really don't.

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that's not your opinion that's your taste.

Your taste sucks big time.

Literally everything with your self-insert onscreen is memeworthy, Ilya

I'd rather just read it, it already looks like shit so maybe the corn bits are actually gold
Is Kanno even making music for it?

I'm glad you think I'm Ilya, because unlike you, he has succeeded in his life, whether you like it or not.

>using ''eating shit'' as analogy for a show

I see argumentation isn't best side of yours.

The Japanese dub of this

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I watched ten minutes of the first episode last night. What in the fuck was that.
Even in my drunken stupor:
>Orchestral intro? Nah, we "urban" now while we reference the original movie intro.
>Major monologuing, stopping in the middle of the road, walking away from the car for no reason, popping open a beer, then running back to car.
>Paz got turned into diversity.
>This is what k̶i̶l̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶b̶i̶t̶e̶s̶ infinite war is all about!
>Batou gets caught off guard and nearly killed by a raider.
>beer kegs.

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Shit is unfit for human consumption
This show is unfit for human consumption.
Eating something is a form of consumption.
Watching a show is a form of consumption.

The analogy works perfectly.

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its a pleb filter for redditers. seems to be working well


>This show is unfit for human consumption.

But that's just your opinion user. Why would I give a crap about it? You keep repeating it's shit without giving me valid reason (show being CGI is not one of those).

At this point, you're literal definition of shitposter.

>its shit so it must be a plebfilter
Keep telling that to yourself.