Episode 5 airing today

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Best OP and ED of the season

Why is Gotou making me hot but Hime isnt


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You can tell Hime would be a dead fish but Gotou would do anything for you.

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Why is the OP animated in a way that makes it seem like he's dead?
His surroundings are cartoonish and unrealistic, while Hime's are done much more realistics. It's almost as if she's reconciling with her childhood

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Kōji Kumeta wrote this, expect insane tragedy/twists/endings. I'm still reeling from SZS

Yeah, they've been laying it pretty thick that something's going to happen. I'm hoping my expectations get subverted though

Bait and switch

>This is his first Kumeta work
oh ho ho ho

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You are gay, user.

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Gotou will impregnate the Idol.

Had a wank to Nami lads

to think there's already a full hentai doujinshi of Kakushigoto...
how were they so fast ?

which Nami ?

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the normal one

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this one ?

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Is her father dead? I really hope he's not dead.

normal is great too.

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Kakushi is actually Hime's son.

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JK Mommy

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