Tower of God anime

Episode 5 is out!!!!
The presence of the best girl Androssi made this episode 10\10

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read the manga here

Fuck the King
Fuck the 10 Great Families
Fuck F.U.G.
All Hail the Winged Tree

If this is so "hyped" why there are only 1 thread? Hype anime usually have t least 5 threads at same time, i don't wanna even mention Franxx, but this have only 1 thread and barely reach post limit

based and freedom pilled

Jahad Empire = US
Workshop = Jews
FUG = Freedom fighter commies
Winged Tree = Libertard chads

Because fuck you and your tower
I reject your reality and substitute my own

>why not thread
because mod delete them, they allow only one ToG thread but dont worry 8 weeks and on Yas Forums will be 30 ToG threads at same time


you know that your worldbuilding is Good when you can make a political compass

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It's not the Yas Forums you knew in 2011. It's 4channel now. Tightly controlled, tightly sterilized, only one thread per topic, no crossposting, no cross bombs, if you meme too hard you get a three days ban.

That's just how it is. Accept the change, man.

But the Winged Tree is a non political Organisation
Not leftist cucks
The Urek himself and Baek Ryun have removed themselves from the political scene

>The Urek himself and Baek Ryun have removed themselves from the political scene
so libertarian

literally worst girl

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Ehhhh. Idk about the bottom 2.

When does paracule show up in the anime? If they cut him the anime is dropped.

hahaha stars go shine shine

Franxx was only 2 years ago and there was a hell it can't change that much, i mean no one even talking about this outside of these threads and some reddit parts

Shit list

So is Gustang still seething at Jahad because of his roastie daughter being locked up and his loli wife leaving him?

How can other players even compete?

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I hope they cut him.
0 value other than interrupting Anaak and Ran fight THAT FUCKING PICKLE

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kek does sergio know about khun's existence?

Guys, i think i am in love.

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Gustang create Zahard's princess knowing that his daughter would win but Zahard's autism TOTAL BTFO HIM

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left Bottom wolhaiksong
rigth bottom workshop

>Rachel doesn't even know that Bam is Arlene's child


Rereading and man was Floor of Death a wild ride full of REVEALS after years of this goddamn series.

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Tfw Jahad is keeping Enne locked up in a sex dungeon and won't marry her because he won't get anymore virgin princesses anymore. He's not a cuck he's actually the ultimate chad.

>Episode 5 is out!!!!
didn't 4 just come out yesterday?

No, not really.


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>don't know that trap can have a big boobs

If Enryu is so loyal to Arlene, why didn't he go for Zahard to avenge her? And how did he know, what was happening on that floor?

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>FuG join public event to made terrorist attack
>a princess lose virignity and escape with a man

fucking Chad

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>Rachel shown with three eyes in flashback
Rachel related to Zahard confirmed?

>If Enryu is so loyal to Arlene
??? He is loyal to his god, not Arlene.

Based and AndrossiPilled
even Haruhi know that Kino no tou -Tower of Kino have the best girl

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That`s a dope edit.

Vote for best girl!
Remember, there's only one correct answer

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I'm still convinced adori is enne.

Animeonly rigged the pol

user you have rigth
people are are just too dumb for understand it

That's hot.

>Ryun not red

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Adori is likely lower half of enne's body, in garam's flashback we can see only upper half, so they took her ass and legs and animated it, this explain everything

I'm not even sure if she actually gives a fuck about the stars or if it's all about Arlene.

Rachel was Arlene's maid.

I mean he entered specifically Arlen's floor and was outraged at what Zahard's followers were doing there.