14 years old

>14 years old
That's way too tall for an imouto!

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If you live in a turbo manlet country maybe lmao

>there are now newfags on Yas Forums that unironically call Kirino a loli
What went wrong?

majority 14 year old girls have already stopped growing taller

My 13 year old sister is 167 cm, and theres lot of girls in her year that are taller than her. Which shortcel dump you from op?

Kill yourself LRD

No fucking way

Where are you from?

>if you don't think fully grown women are lolis, you are LRD
Fuck off back to rеddit already

Imagine being a 22yr male and having that height haha...bro

South east England.

This is literally the case for the majority of Europe apart from maybe the med countries.

See how easy it's to spot you? Mentally ill freak.

Is she taller than you?

>South east England

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I'm 6ft 1, so no.

Are you proud of destroying Yas Forums, reddit?

Yes and no. Isn't average like 167-172? And girls stop growing early. OP probably thinks they grow until they're 18

Just leave him alone, this isn't the thread for this anyway.

Retards thinking stupid shit?
Who would've guessed

>"167 cm is tall"
Are your imoutos all midgets or what?


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>165 cm
>too tall
>had 175 cm, 14 year old imoutos

From where are you? Even in germany woman over 170 are quite rare.

>25 years old
That's way too small for an user!

Ask her to manhandle you.

>wanting women below 190cm
Talk about an ultra manlet

Well, they're 180 cm freaks now, so I might.


I do.

they got the tall genes but you didn't?

Post your imouto's height