Kimetsu No Yaiba

Who will you miss the most?

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these three fuckers being best friends
also zenitsu's interactions in general

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there's another doujin where Tanjiro impregnates Shinobu, but I think most of it is untranslated

This couple

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By the holy saint, how fucking cursed is that.

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no one glad this shit is over

Basic bitches

>where Tanjiro impregnates Shinobu

>not even tea is safe from the being corrupted by twitter and tumblr thots
fucking end it

well, actually everyone including all anons.

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Ok how will he continue the stroy? Shuiesha won't let his new cashcow end. When will they announce the sequel?

I speedread the mango for maximum doujin immersion but there's fucking nothing

KnY Part 2: Breathing Tendency
main characters is Tanjiro and Kanao's son with Giyu and that one bitch from Gaiden's daughter
There's also a Nazi

The nazis think Zenitsu is an aryan and turn him into one of them
Then they hear that it was a lightning hair dye job so they start electrocuting jews to convert them into the superior race

can't fix the nose

>There's also a Nazi
Breath of Zyklon

I also have ZenAoi and ZenUme.


post it

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Am I a speedreader? Why was no one in Yoriichi's generation able to learn his techniques, but Tango can?

Cute and canon

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I think one of the earlier lines got reconned out, namely that "all current breaths are imitations of the original".
The flashbacks and Kokushibo's monologue seemed to confirm that there were Breath of Sun users aside from Yoriichi, and Yoriichi's students intentionally adapted the breath to their own style, not because they couldn't hack it.
Kokushibo failing to learn the Breath of the Sun was a metaphor for him being unable to measure up to his brother.

This, unironically


Leave Kanao's ovaries to me.

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I'm expecting Tanjiro to still be a demon.
Muzan dumped all his blood and power into Tanjiro, he had survived Tamajo's earlier drug to make him human.
It would be weird for Nezuko to take hours to turn back into human and only seconds for Tanjiro when he already has Muzan's immunity.


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lord forgive me for making this

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sword forms were there before yori. he just taught the breathing which enhances their power and stamina. they already had style that suit them so he adapted the breathing to suit their style. people could learn it but will never be as good as Yori because 1. he's sword jesus and 2. it's not style that suit them. Just like Tanjirou could learn breath of water but he will never be as good as Giyuu or Urokodaki. He won't reach his full potential with breath of water

>so they start electrocuting jews to convert them into the superior race
You can't make water any wetter.

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