What will you be doing this Walpurgis Night?

What will you be doing this Walpurgis Night?

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hehe i mean uh just chilling out at my local synagouge

I will be thinking about Madoka


Sayaka and Mami have the best hentai
The rest are forgettable

Meduka is beauty

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If I recall correctly, today's the day madoka return to heaven, we should give our prayers to our lord and savior

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I hope I'll reach the school of Kitami-sensei.

Everything with Madoka

drinking the whole night t. a Finn

Spilling my seed for Madoka

Quarantine. Wear a face mask if you go outside.

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Playing Magia Record.

clothed paizuri with Mami

>Everyone beong keep away from the street and what appears to be natural disaster is killing countless amount of people without anybody aware of its true forn
So we are NOW in Walpurgis Night?

Replaying Bible Black

True aristocracy of Yas Forums


When the fuck are magical girls finally going to get off their lazy ass and fight the Corona witch?


If Homuras' time loop took place in the month of April does that mean she always wakes up on April fools day and always rewinds on Walpurgis?

When has Sayaka ever had good hentai?

>the official panties.



Madoka Magica: Tsunami, Earthquake
Magia Record: pandemic

what will be the boss level Witch next?

becoming a magical girl so i can end corona

Madoka has a surprisingly lewd body.


what are you bringing to tonight's battle, Yas Forums?

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my fat ass

Meduka is beauty

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