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Everything has gone to utter shit with this.

Panel that made the world stop

Why do people hate this happening? It’s progress.

If that is enough to make you drop it, good riddance, we don't need people like you.

Is that even a haircut or did she just stop trying to her hair?


She cut her hair in the previous chapter, speedreader-kun,

I don't know why people get their panties in a bunch over this, a new haystack is fine too.

Such a mess. I love it.

Picked up

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No it's not.
Character Development haircuts are never progress. Never once had a character shown significant growth after getting one. Never.


I'll bet that she'll revert to status quo soon because she got used to it and calling her without honorific feels strange.

I'd drop my seed in Ai-san's womb if you get what I mean

Based retard.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT is by far the laziest and most boring cliche ever.

Honestly, this has been by far the shittest arc so far.

Medicore but very cute still

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Nah the ishi one was worse. Basically anything that isn't Chika, Pres or Kaguya focused sucks

user you've already dropped this manga five times this month. Stop.

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But this time he means it!


Dropped and will also kill myself.

fuck you user spoiler this shit

Do you honestly think anyone gives a shit about your decisions?

Here's your (You). Now fuck off.

Who is the kawaii bow girl? WE NEED MORE OF HER!!!


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You conceded defeat by presenting no argument.

Shes still the best girl in this shitshow manga

When will the Cringevengers dies?

She looks like a cheap whore...

'Tater rockers in the house

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You people have been saying that shit since the Iceguya arc but you're still here shitposting in these threads.

Well, looks like I'm finally reading Kaguya

>what is literally the chapter OP is from