What caused Yas Forums to shit their pants over DiTF and Code Geass to the extent that a significant

What caused Yas Forums to shit their pants over DiTF and Code Geass to the extent that a significant
portion of traffic on the board was taken up by their threads?

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Franxx had nowhere near the amount of threads.

Titties and robots

I only watched the 1st episode and decided to just remake a couple of threads when the ntr episode dropped.

I miss the hype DitF had
Sadly the Japanese will continue to not make risks and repeat the same patterns over and over again.

Franxx was just diet Eureka Seven with overly hamfisted sexual symbolism that you could see from space. It was fucking garbage,but much like the garbage that came before it, it was fun to watch with the boys.

Also the DR3 threads were better, straight up.

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More like farting in the pants

franxx was supposed to save anime like kill la kill

DiTF ia literally nothing but cliched shit and poorly implemented mecha tropes

We don't get that much interesting original stuff, it's hard to get hyped over something when you read/played it years ago.

Artificially-generated hype from a handful of autists spamming threads.

DitF and Code Geass both had ultra charismatic main characters that carried the show and absolutely moronic second halfs. At least the depressing ending of Code Geass is justified, DitF was just kicking a dog while it's down

Ass controls bro. Doggy-style ass controls.

>charismatic mc
Frannx was nothing compared to geass

franxx was good up until the zero 2 backstory episode and the one directly after it. after that nishigori shit the bed again because he just wanted to make cool gunbuster poses instead of actually writing a fucking coherent story.

The MC of DitF couldnt even keep a consistent personality between episodes

They're the best

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>implying the Franxxposting was anywhere near the level of "Yas Forums - CODE GEASS CODE GEASS CODE GEASS CODE GEASS CODE GEASS..."

Hiro's personality is about the most consistent element of the entire show.

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First Franxx was nothing compared to Geass. Lelouch alone was ten times more entertaining than the entire cast of Framxx combined. Second the wild ride that was DR3 easily beat Franxx

>a waifufag self-insert is "ultra charismatic"

There's two and a half things that Yas Forums has shit its pants over. Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, and Endless 8.

it's a shame that we haven't had an anime that's universally amused all of Yas Forums since franxx

fpbp. newfags will never understand

DitF being compared to CG has to be bait.

It was far from geass, but on the other hand, no original anime has had that many threads ever since.

That happens with most anime original mech shows because they all end up being either a fantastic dissaster or a good show, and in both cases they're fun to watch along Yas Forums and comment on.
Cross ange, Aldnoah Zero, and Valvrave all had the same effect to different degrees.

Franxx was incredibly forced and just people trying to make another event on Yas Forums that was “like Geass”. It has nothing to do with the show itself

There's been shows since geass that have been bigger deals here than franxx, unless you mean since franxx itself, in which case yeah.

Yeah since franxx

The kazuki nakashima and gorou taniguchi show next year is looking to be the next one

Sheeple need to be part of an "event"