Digimon Adventure: Special Digest


Highlights of episodes 1-3 with a lot of things from episode 4 onwards. The interesting stuff starts at 8:45 in the video: youtu.be/KAUXXNkmsNs?t=525

The Digital World is initially set in prehistoric times (rebooted by "the battle from ancient times", perhaps)?
Koushirou and Tentomon get swallowed by Whamon and Kabuterimon is formed later
We'll be getting some explanation about "the battle from ancient times" in which Patamon and Tailmon participated. Should also explain those mysterious feathers Takeru and Hikari received in episode 2.
Cherubimon (Virtue), Seraphimon, Ofanimon, SlashAngemon and Rasielmon are among those involved in said battle.

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He was never in any anime yet, right? The hiatus can't end soon enough.

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SlashAngemon was in Xros Wars' election episode.

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holy shit this show looks HOT

For me it's Ruki Makino but it's bed time now I can't post pics. Just reminding you all that she is the best girl. Good night.


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>Colon has a post-apocalyptic Digital World

Mike Wazowskimon finally appearing in the anime

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It feels like an actual reboot of the Digital World.

And not the bunch of shit we got in tri. for a rebooted Digital World.

Is it post-apocalyptic or post-post-apocalyptic?

The episode titles we got make a lot more sense now:

4: "Birdramon Takes Flight" (バードラモン飛翔)
5: "Holy Digimon" (聖なるデジモン)
6: "The Targeted Kingdom" (狙われた王国)

From the preview in the OP it looks like it's covered episodes 4 and 5.

Where's my V nigga Dominimon?

Nowhere. It's probably not one of Bandai's archived Digimon.

Our Big War was just one big tease that we already knew, I can't believe they just aired a remake of an old OVA and then put the show on hiatus.
We still haven't seen the actual story and it looks goddamn awesome

They're in.

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I'm fucking speechless. Fuck Corona with a rusty rake, I can't fucking wait for this shit to be over and us getting the episodes. dhfghdsfgjhgöersnsdöffhsdiöopgshdrfvibsoönv dugibhniusdygtw40894ny3qv89tsep

>Seraphimon's involved
Could it be Takeru's Patamon?

Are they ditching Holydramon or is this a different entity?

Patamon is most certainly the 3 (or in this case, like, 7) angels Seraphimon. Tailmon is most likely NOT the Ophanimon though, since her profile doesn't allude to it and tcg has the eovlution as Holydramon. It might also be that she WAS the Ophanimon, but for some reason can't evolve into it anymore.

I'm just... so... I can't stop internally screaming, I want those fucking episodes.

That shot of Tentomon's claw looks bonkers.



The video description says: "'Digimon Adventure:'
Broadcasting and streaming new episodes on every Sunday (JST) in
each areas.
*It is not available in some areas."

Does this mean it's resuming? Idfk

>That shot of Tentomon's claw looks bonkers.
I'm amazed they're actually using the Digimon doing things in battle other than generic_bank_animation_sequence.wmv

Some Digimon seem kind of fucked in that department though. Gomamon's practically useless on land due to its lack of proper legs. Pataman literally can't do anything aside from blow air at things.

I'm not so convinced at that. Sure there are Digimon that are better suited to fighting, but I can imagine Gomamon or Patamon pulling some fancy choreography to beat up other Digimon. However, since they aren't fighting Digimon per se, I imagine they won't be as prominently beating the shit out of anything.

The one Digimon I'm worried about animation wise is actually Ikkakumon, who is a slow blob of fur. We see him do a bit of fighting in the OP, but his movements specifically are going to be very constrained, I imagine.

Also, roigsjerigosnbiergpjerigp this shit looks amazing. My worries about RK fuckery are also somewhat quelled.

How do things work when shows, especially larger productions like this, go on hiatus?
I assume up to episode 6 is completely finished already ready to air.
But have the Toei offices been empty this past week? Do workers still quietly, albeit slowly, plug away at episodes while working from home?
Can we expect a very visible drop in quality starting at episode 7 when production starts getting rushed?

Gomamon has no legs, so it wouldn't be able to move fast and it could barely jump. Patamon just has no real weapons. It has no claws, horns or fangs. It could probably ram into things, but it simply lacks the powerful weapons Agumon has.

Gomamon has powerful front hands/legs/flippers, so I'm picturing him doing somersaults to move around quickly. And obviously he'll be stronger in water, but that also goes for Ikkakumon.

Patamon's fighting would most likely center around aerial evasion and Air Shots, for obvious reasons. However, the same goes for Tentomon and Piyomon, who also lack prominent melee weapons. Tentomon at least has claws, but he's not very geared for massive articulation, so it wouldn't be very impressive visually.

Piyomon has claws at the ends of its wings and talons on its feet.

Oh yeah, I know that for some Digimon fighting is going to be very restricted. I wasn't expecting all of them to be doing different things every single time. It's just great to see them do it at least once, you know.