Reading Conan

>reading Conan
>get a few chapters in
>yeah yeah I get it
>how long are they going to drag this shit on
>one thousand
>this dumb stupid bitch does figure out who he is nor does he tell in

Holy fucking shit fuck this I'm out

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And they never caught the shadow nigger that was killing all the people.

dumbass motherfucker

The secret to enjoying Conan is to not give a shit about the main plot.

Maybe generic shounen would be more your speed.


me too, I hate ran

Conan is the king generic non-ending shounen you turboshounencuck

Usually when people can't make it through even the beginning of Conan they'd prefer Naruto, Dragonball, MHA, whatever else hell there is.

Also if you're American it's in your blood to hate it.

why would you read conan for anything other than the mysteries?

When will Conan realise he was the true boss of BO all along?

Haven't read in years did she really figure him out? And I mean like she's 100% sure and not the old guesswork she was doing.
If so, why the fuck hasn't she confronted him? Is it even worth reading the manga right now?

The plot got advanced a lot since you stopped reading, I'm sure. The general census is she knows it's him but is willing to turn a blind eye to it (unless something serious pops up) because if it's true he must be doing it for a reason. I'm glad aside from the obligatory identity drama parts of the plot she's a rather understanding girlfriend. She could have been written a whole lot worse and constantly giving Conan grief whenever she suspected him, but she mainly just tried to figure it out rather than constantly pester him directly (like Sera but worse).

I don't have the picture where Conan is wearing black and the subtitles say he needed to present himself with a stronger challenge.

He's already reading Conan though?

Conan isn't that type of shounen which is why there's always arguments on braindead Yas Forums if it's shounen or not because it doesn't adhere to the battle shounen tropes.

Your post still doesn't make any sense. It's all generic shounen.

It's funny how people on here don't realize that Conan is exactly what a "popular/generic shounen" is because everyone is so burger that they think the definition of shounen is what all the WSJ battle manga are.

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It's amazing isn't it. Seriously though, Conan is as generic as they come overarching plot wise. I find that really frustrating, because you could really at least have tried to dismantle the organization in a piecemeal format.

Yes shounen has only described battle shounen for a very long time. Again, that's why people on Yas Forums specifically have said that Conan isn't shounen, because it doesn't have a lot of battles.

When they finally confront the boss of the Black Organisation with all the police swarming the yacht in Tokyo Bay. He'll just sign and pick up the phone.
The all the police will get a call saying to pull out. The boss is long-lived and powerful, he already has a finger in all the police and the Black Organisation exists solely so he doesn't have to leave a trace.
The final battle will be a game of wits between him and Conan, until Conan convinces him to swallow a pill with lethal/disabling side-effects.

You don't even need to make a thread to get agreements on this, if you want to feel better, most of Yas Forums either doesn't care about Conan anymore or actively dislikes it.

Been a while since I watched it, but she actually strongly suspects that it's him a number of times throughout the series, but each time he does something to trick her and lay her suspicions to rest. IIRC the first time she suspects him she even manages to figure out the passcode to unlock "Conan's" phone to check if he's getting the messages she sends to Shinichi.

Also looks like people are saying in this thread that she does eventually figure out it's him but doesn't confront him about it (again, it's been a while since I stopped watching).

And even if she never figured it out who could blame her? Would you ever suspect that your absentee friend suddenly turned into a little kid, no matter how much the kid acts like them? For any sane person it would be beyond the realm of possibility, and the more logical explanation would be that they're similar cause they're related and the traits are hereditary.

But yeah the story does drag out a long time (and everyone stays the same age longer than they logically ever could), which is why I stopped watching.

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They never explicitly spell it out but based on some things she's said and how she acts there's a good chance she's settled on the idea that it's possible, but if it is true, he's got a good reason and she's waiting for him to tell her himself.

Gosho is way too safe with the story for his own good, but I guess that's what kept the people coming back, I guess.

It's a shame that Conan can't even get recognition for what it truly is.

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He should show some affection to Haibara to warm her cold heart.

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>>this dumb stupid bitch does figure out who he is nor does he tell in
She figures it out every hundred chapters or so, but he always finds a new way to fool her.

see the chink coai fan ending

Whenever they do focus on the plot it's more engaging than a lot of other plot I've seen. It's just that a lot of the focus for awhile has been side-stuff like developing the Akai family instead of the to-the-point focus on Gin, Vodka, and Vermouth against the FBI and CIA and Conan directly being involved with their plans. A lot of the Bourbon shit was just talking and pinning down what kind of person Amuro is.

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Do you think in Japan the blockbuster allure of Conan brings in people to the franchise for the first time who decide to try out the main series because of the films but find it too boring and can't get through it?

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