What are your thoughts on tomboy characters in anime and manga?

What are your thoughts on tomboy characters in anime and manga?

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They’re for closeted homosexuals and “men” who feel intimidated by feminine girls.

they're the endgoal

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>t. homosexuals

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Not gonna lie, most of my thoughts on tomboy characters are sexual.

Is Edward still considered a tomboy? The term seems almost exclusively associated with sports and outdoor activities lately. The type of tomboy that's mechanic or tech savvy, or geeky, or just prefers action figures and video games to cute accessories and baby dolls is almost never brought up anymore. I'm beginning to feel like these types no longer count.

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As they should be; tomboys are absolute sex even if most of them are unaware of their appeal.

>even if most of them are unaware of their appeal.
That is the best part.

Ed totally is, it’s just that too many people seem to think that tomboys are only athletic girls. Nerdy tomboys are perfection.

Generally boring desu. It's rare for a writer to put any effort into them.

Has anyone ever been able to refute this?

Definite tomboy, she's easily confused with a boy.

You've got rad tastes

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There's nothing to refute, it's just one faggots personal stance on what's gay and what isn't. I don't know why you people repost that image so much.

Because tomboyfags are insecure about their sexuality.

>I don't know why you people repost that image so much.
Because the only way to respond to a retarded personal stance on what's gay and what isn't is with another retarded personal stance on what's gay and what isn't

Or you could just let someone on the internet be wrong.

I like tomboys who look cute. I hate how many tomboys look like boys

Being athletic in itself doesn't even make a tomboy. Ed is a classic tomboy character in general. A lot of guys just like gym thots.

Retards don't think like that


But he's right. Logically, your position is weak. If you need to keep your girl at arms length because you live in separate circles with separate interests, that means you spend more time hanging out with guys for fun which is, of course, more gay. So unless you love shopping for cute clothes and makeup too, you have to compromise. A well trained tomboy is fun, fuckable, and can even be girly in short bursts. Ideally, best of both worlds.

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This. They are usually rather plain characters.

>Logically, your position is weak
There is no logic involved and I never stated my position on the subject, you dumb negro.

Oh, so you're not even the guy posting that 2chainz shitpost? Don't stick your neck where it doesn't belong then, dumb ass. Anyway, you still asked why people post that image, so it's still applicable. Read it, internalize it, don't ask stupid questions anymore.

>plays video games
Would be nice on occasion but I'm going to hard pass on a gamer girl
>watches sports
>have tattoos
Nah I think they look bad in most cases, at least on girls. I'm down with piercings though
>wears Jordans
Not into niggers, thanks

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"A tomboy is a girl who exhibits characteristics or behaviors considered typical of a boy.[1][2] Common characteristics include wearing masculine clothing and engaging in games and activities that are physical in nature and are considered in many cultures to be unfeminine or the domain of boys.[2]"

Tomboys, like catgirls, are on a scale. And like catgirls, the scale of tomboyishness has a very fine line between "boyish girl" and "reverse trap".

We fell in love with the girl with short hair a competitive attitude, laid back personality and yet a still very feminine character, physically and otherwise.

Don't let the closeted homos fool you, we true connisuers want a tomboyish girlfriend, not a physiologically feminine boyfriend.

Recommend me good highschool romcom with tomboys.

Tomboys are good.
Reverse traps, also good.

Boyish girls are my weakness.

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He's talking about reality, not virgin fantasies.