I ? i !

i ? i !

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Literally ME.

oh my gotto

time paradogs

I miss her so much

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Is this question-mark reaction thread or Margot thread?

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I miss me so much

Do you guys recommend this anime?
[smug anime girl image]

Don't be so hard on yourself!

I is the kind of girl where if you met her in real life you'd instantly fall in love with her and then when she opened her mouth you'd go whoa, i wasn't in love at all. THIS is what love feels like.

fuck off
[fuck off]


I wonder if Margot is kind of girl that would laze around with you. Or if she would laze around and expect you to do all the work.

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Is Margot Mai Nakahara's best role?

>Jintai was 8 years ago
Where is Romeo to save us from mediocre anime? Come back.

Punch Margot in the face

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Man, I love Jinrui so much. Is there anything like it, with colourful design and apathetic MC?

How are the light novels?

I fucking hated that arc. Without it I'd probably give this show a 9/10

Is calling her Margot the newest thing in redd¡t or what?

was she also a fairy :D

It is her name revealed in last novel.
Along with a fact that all humans, except assistant, are sleeper fairies who took on human form to keep him company.

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Thanks for the info user.

It's mostly a pun.
Margot sounds like mago = granddaughter in Japanese.

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