Yugioh Sevens

Rook is taking on an insect user next episode.

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Is she having a stroke?

Quickdraw is back and taking requests!

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>kills the franchise

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more like their rushed endings did
the foundation was all there


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Oh, good to know he's doing okay.
>that Yo-jong pic
kek, nice

Any Sevens character dueling corona-chan. Because who knows how long the show can go on.
Alternately, the tech nerd MC trio of Yusei, Yusaku and Yuga hanging out together.

>mfw based corona chink aids kills seven elevens and a new extra deck monster type is announced

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If rush duels are doing poorly why do the nips refuse to lower the prices for rush blue eyes from 200+ USD?

Requesting Bonz from yugioh DM going out on a date with Alice Kurobane from the Shadowverse anime. Since they both like zombie monsters I thought it would be a cute idea.

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My waifu Aki.

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how tf do you squeeze a 2 hour reaction podcast out of 1 episode of a kodomo anime

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Aki and Romin together, while Romin is looking upon her (admiring) as her onee-sama.

For example this image.

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lol dead thread
This image with King T Wrextle

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Accesscode talker blowing up his opponents by throwing sky striker links at them

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I probably could if I had someone to talk to.
Especially when talking about the very first episode.

Aoi and Romin together, while Aoi is looking upon her and thinking why is she flatter than an elementary school girl.

tour guide and sangan practicing social distancing

Yuga inventing a machine to make himself taller.

>reaction podcast
This shit exists? I get if it's a video for the youtube bucks, but unless the hosts have good chemistry I wouldn't listen to some guy rambling.

I honestly think that Yuga wouldn't care enough for that and would instead just make some kind of a mechanical arm to reach higher places instead.

by being a good anime? unlike drains

>mechanical arm to reach higher places instead
This. I think you can actually see one in the ED in the sports scene.

I didn't think about it when I wrote this, but yeah.
I actually imagined some kind of a claw that comes out of a backpack or something.

>That Yo-jong pic

Goha president but it's Xi Jinping

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>lies or uses technicalities if it's convenient
>will repurpose goha corp drones that aren't his because he can for curiosity's sake
>"why bother sweating with my body if I can just use my brain instead"
>"I hear you, rook, but the things you say are either overblown or not that smart, and I'm smarter. stop being a neurotic worrywart"
yuga is like the opposite of yuma besides the optimism

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Check his profile

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kek this kinda makes it look like kim jong un's dead ghost is her stand/spirit partner

Kek. Based
I can't avoid but hear Duel Links victory sound effects. While looking at it.

Look how fucking perfect Romin is.