Fate requiem

Volume 1 has been translated

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It kinda lack a true climax
And either the granny is evil, or if she isn't, it will be the anoying situation when everything could be solved by talking with Erice and explaining. Instead of that, it will be an opposition which will result on something really bad just because the characters don't want to talk. I hope I'm wrong.

I'm only here for the shota.

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Nice. Vol 2 when?
By the way, i wish we could get an illustration of Erice using evil spirits in battle. Sounds pretty cool on the LN text and now i wouldn't mind if she becomes playable together with her shota servant in FGO x Requiem collab just to see her battle animation.

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NOCO's art is good

Not reading this but girl on the right is sexy

I wanna know if we'll see Shirou, Rin, Sakura and Shinji. They are going to Fuyuki for the next volume

>I wanna know if we'll see Shirou, Rin, Sakura and Shinji. They are going to Fuyuki for the next volume
That, or at least the current status of the Einzbern/Tohsaka/Matou or the Clock Tower too. Requiem takes place in, like, around 2025 IIRC? Maybe Taiga would make her appearance because of the name "Caren Fujimura".

How is this world not a Lostbelt?

Just from synopsis, it should be marked for deletion

>everyone's basically immortal
>the world is pretty much a utopia
>it's completely incompatible with Panhistory

This world should have been long purged. Maybe the Requiem event in FGO will shed some details.

How in the world are there servants for every human on earth

>It kinda lack a true climax
...it's the first volume

So is any of the girls connected sexually with him?

Every human has a Holy Grail embedded in them. It's the most absurd shit.

There is far less humans. Humanity only lives in some big cities.

>On a sudden impulse, I embraced him. In the bathtub, I wrapped my arms around his narrow shoulders from behind, and squeezed him tight. So as not to break him. So as not to hurt him.
>“If only…if only you had been my Servant…”
>He showed no sign of answering me.
>Before entering the bathtub, as I was washing myself, I had checked everywhere. Desperately, I had searched to see if Command Seals, the proof of a contract with a Servant, had appeared anywhere on my body. I had strained my eyes in the mirror, checking my back, beneath the translucent medical patch, even the soles of my feet. But they were nowhere to be seen.
>Then I was no-one’s Master. I could not have made any contract with this boy through the Grail. I was just the Reaper, the same as I had always been.

>After the bath, we retired to my living-cum-dining room, where a mahogany table had stood ever since this place was a cafe. The boy sat in a chair, working his way through a lasagne that I had microwaved from frozen. I was recording the day’s events, tablet in hand and a towel around my head, and I was blushing as red as his bolognese sauce. I felt incredibly embarrassed. This boy hadn’t even yet come of age, but I had suddenly embraced him, whispered something that felt almost like a confession of love, and then ended up crying. While naked, no less.

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Damn why this always need to be soem fucked up /ss/ shit.
Just gvie me a female character lead not interested in this shit.

But I was different. I alone stood apart. I was the only citizen of this city who had not been granted a Holy Grail. I had been born into this new world, but I would age naturally – and, eventually, die – with all the senselessness characteristic of the old. An irregularity, born outside of the sight of the Grail. That was what I was – me, Utsumi Erice.
With no Holy Grail, I had no Servant to contract with as my partner. Every once in a while, someone would be unable to stifle the urge to ask me how that felt. If it were up to me, I would laugh at them, and tell them that they’d never understand even if I tried to explain – but I’d been chided no small number of times by my master for that. You would be remiss to be callous in your interaction with your social environment, if you wish to live peacefully in this new world.
So, for lack of anything else to say, I answered them like this:
“Imagine you were incredibly short-sighted, to the point where you could hardly see, but you were told you weren’t allowed to wear glasses.”
“Imagine being told you had to travel somewhere on foot, while everyone else was allowed to use trains and buses.”
“Imagine going somewhere you’ve never been before, only to find that the navigation app on your smartphone was an unusable piece of junk.”

So this world isn't part of Panhistory, right? Maybe it exists in the Fate/strange fake tree.

Because Lostbelts are actually copies of pruned timelines that the Alien God is copy/pasting over the world, with the trees just making up shit to fill the gap since it was pruned. The Requiem world is probably a Missing Belt/Lost History like Shimousa that managed to escape pruning for one reason or another.

Still better than Flop Encore.

Of Gilgamesh exists as a servant in this timeline; I wonder what his thoughts on this world would be

He'd probably find it intensely boring.


Is there an epub or pdf of it?

It's hot though, who wouldn't want to be an innocent boy being taken advantage of by a desperate older girl?

Speaking about the pruning of timelines. What would have happened to the FSN timeline if the original 3 Holy Grail War families got their wish and enacted Heaven’s Feel on humanity?


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