Why is x265 encoding so popular for anime?

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Ask Daiz


Smaller file sizes
Not everyone has over 6TB of hdds and 20Mbit/sec+ internet

How much do you save compared to other compression algorithms?

Meme encode


yea, 2-3x but with artifacts
better releases are pretty close to h264 in filesize

25-50% depending on the resolution compared to h.264/AVC.
Higher resolution benefits more from inter-frame style video compression so i'd wager you should only expect the 50% mark around your 4K+ resolutions. Anime might benefit more than usual because cartoon graphics compress better than average

Compresses better but is also far more noticeable with banding and artifacts over live action.

It also is much faster to encode.

Needing to have hardware with H265 decoding capabilities when the CPU is too slow for software decoding is annoying,

It's not

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Then why not AV1?
Has better video quality for the same file sizes than h265

Compared to what?
Faster than av1, but much slower than h264 and vp9 for the comparable video quality or file size

HEVC hardware encoders are stupidly fast and available in anybodies computer with a good GPU.

Computers, sure. I'm talking about SoCs here though.

So? Don't get the compressed releases.
h.265 is just a straight upgrade of h.264 in terms of compression. h.265 lossless will be smaller than h.264 lossless.
The only downside is decoding performance. If you've got old or weaker hardware, you probably wont be able to play it back at full speed.
>Then why not AV1?
Probably higher performance penalty. Don't know for sure but that's usually the go to for why a higher compression video format isn't being used.
It also seems to be much newer. h.265 and VP9 decode has been being built into phones and mobile processors for a few years now, if a better thing has come along it takes some time to switch over. HEVC has been around with 2015 at least, and it's only now becoming common to see torrents with it.

So? if your machine can't run it download another release or transcode it.
Or do you think if you whinge hard enough the world will change itself to suit your needs?

What do you mean system on chip? Why would you be trying to encode on a raspberry pi? You shouldn't expect most SoC's to do hardcore computing, but if you purpose build a SoC to do a thing it's going to do that thing fast.

>HEVC is bad if you don't use a GPU which comptuers all have GPU's with HEVC hardware.

Looks like mobiles have been able to decode it since 2014 at least. 2015/16 for 10bit.
Maybe you've just got a shit phone?

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>Why would you be trying to encode on a raspberry pi?
Decoding, because not everyone wants a power hungry computer in their living room. The 3B+ could with a overclock decode H265 on it's CPU. Though I believe the 4 nowadays has a HEVC HW decoder.


Fair enough, I was just thinking in terms of phones and ignored in my own fucking post that the Pi would have to decode, meaning for example it's probably a no go on a Zero.

>Smaller file sizes
Fucking this. When you go from 700mb for 720p vids to 200mb for 1080p high bitrate vids, you know what's good and what's trash.

>Maybe you've just got a shit phone?
No my S9+ does it just fine

>meaning for example it's probably a no go on a Zero.
Yeah don't do any of that on a zero, it does have H264 decoding making it good for displaying videos 24/7 at a store or something though

AV1 takes a lot of resources even to decode.

200mb for 1080p is probably a bit excessively compressed, but if it looks fine to you then it doesn't matter

because Daiz shilled it. he was one of the first to try it out and I remember him complaining about how it wasn't there yet at the time, but continued development must've improved the encode times.
also smaller file size in theory but as always that relies on the faggot knowing how to make the file smaller instead of >hurr we shrunk it 5 mb, it's smaller technically.

5 MB saved over 24 episodes is still 120MB!!!

hevc is good just stay away is from re-encodes for third worlders. bloatrice-raws have really good hevc encodes. vcb-studio is fine too.

What the hell happened to Yas Forums? Seems like the general priority in encoding switched from higher picture quality to smaller file size.
Is Yas Forums filled with non elitist casuals now?

Yeah i have an 8K AV1 video and my 6 core processor cant even handle it

Smaller size per quality you dumb fucks! That doesn't mean you're getting smaller files, it means you're getting higher quality.
Jesus people are fucking dumb.

The fuck are you talking about, nigger? Anime was always distributed in small files with meh quality. Muh quality only had short resurgence around 2012.

that's why /m/ is based because they still care about encode quality and sharing anime with each other unlike this shithole.

Can't speak for that other guy, but i'm just elitist about not being elitist.
I will always defend the masses because that's what a truly superior person would do.
Joking aside, a couple of people speaking against you doesn't mean "woe is me the times are changing".
You have your preferences and others have theirs. Realising that and not getting butthurt about it doesn't necessarily mean there's different people here now, the same people might have just grown up.

Do people really watch anime on their computers!!??

x264 is superior if it weren't for autists deciding to put meme FLAC into their batches

Anime is rendered at 720p. High picture quality anime is a meme.

Can someone explain the difference between x265 and x264? Which one is more high quality?

HEVC zoomers
And some anons with low internet speed


That's cause nothing else was available, anime was always at the forefront for the development of new encoding techniques and codecs, that's why they use x265 now.
I don't come to Yas Forums anymore, I simply have it as my homepage and saw this thread.
Back in the day you'd be shitposted into oblivion for such bold retarded statements. Good is good and bad is bad and Yas Forums supports high resolution, HIGH BITRATE anime. Posting a Horriblesubs screenshot in a thread used to net you angry replies. In fact people used to do it to troll Yas Forums. It then became the norm when board quality went down the drain.
>Anime is rendered at 720p
That wasn't even true anymore when I stopped watching anime back 3 years ago. I'm 99% sure all anime is now produced at least at 1080p. Get your facts straight.

Some user posted a website once where the internal project resolutions of some anime were listed. It mostly ranged from 540p to 900p with some 1080p movies in between.

Okay, what do you guys use unironically for watching your anime?

>I'm 99% sure all anime is now produced at least at 1080p
Yea, a lot of it. Once user published statistics, there were shows produced in 1080, 720 and even less (lol)

Answer honestly. Of all anime you have downloaded on your HDD, how many did you actually rewatch?

this was true until like 2012 or so when more and more anime started becoming rendered at 810-954p and even full hd like a lot of JShit Staff anime. today, 720p is now the minority. hell, even those 720p anime back then had elements of higher resolution stuff like background art and CGI.

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Neither is inherently higher quality than the other.
x265/h.265/HEVC/The beast of many names is just a newer compression technology.
This means it offers higher compression efficiency than h.265, at higher performance requirements.
So this means the beast of many names can give you the same perceivable image quality as h.264 at a lower file-size/bitrate, or higher quality at the same file-size/bitrate.
As long as your device can play it.