Bakarina / Hamefura

Bakarina is straight as an arrow!

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Fuck you for making me remember the Avro Arrow.

I love you Katarina.
I love you.

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Why do so many of the good/bad endings in Fortune Lover depend on what Katarina does? At least four of the endings depend on whether or not Katarina attacks Maria with a knife. What would trigger this? Does this mean Katarina actually has her own hidden relationship values? Or is it decided based on Gigolo/Keith's affection values? If Jurai's affection values aren't high enough, it causes Katarina to attack Maria in a fit of jealousy? Ordinarily, you'd think she'd do that if his affection value was TOO high.

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Someone sub this.

>Q1 "How do you ask someone you like on a date?

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Anal Queen

>All routes lead to defeat
>Only relevant in 2 routes

Three, since she apparently dies/gets exiled in the Reverse Harem End too.

>2 in Fortune Lover I
>guaranteed showdown with heroine in Fortune Lover II

There's a harem ending? Will Katarina unlock it?

Why is Maria giving catarina bedroom eyes? Catarina is a female.

>same eye color
what's the meaning behind this?

this show is really fun


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Reminder that this whole series is a coma dream

What's Maria's yandere potential? Higher than Mary?

Still waiting for Maria to put an axe in Georgi's head.


What if Fortune Lovers II ends with Maria killing Katarina

Only if Katarina's a secret route. And killing her is just a requisite for entering her true route.

Sex with her corpse? I know VNs can have pretty shocking bloody endings but that seems a bit too much.

>Maria gets fed up with how poorly the world keeps treating Katarina and decides the world should get fucked

Reminder that Gearfried is such a cuck that a girl who was originally head-over-heels for him ends up falling for Katarina instead.

Feels good to be a yuriCHAD and knowing you are going to win

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>Bakarina: I have failed you, Maria.
>Maria: I should have know that the world was plotting to kill you!
>Bakarina: Maria, black magic is evil!
>Maria: From my point of view, the world is evil!
>Bakarina: Well then you are lost!

>girls can't even have sex
Imagine being a /u/cuck.

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Seethe harder heteronigger

>start with loli character
>make her grow up after 3 episode rule
This is a horrific betrayal.

for you

Anal queen?