We discuss shows people incorrectly chalk up to "psychobabble", "technobabble", [...]babble" ITT

We discuss shows people incorrectly chalk up to "psychobabble", "technobabble", [...]babble" ITT.

Ergo Proxy was a masterpiece in Gnosticism (dual nature of the Creator), trauma and dissociation, and other aspects of psychology.

The Proxys "biomimetic Amrita cells" are a form of biomimetics (that is mimicking biology by organic or synthetic means), synthetic biology, and nanotechnology. This is why they were highly sensitive to a specific frequency band in the blue light range.

You of course have the Holy Trinity symbolism, but the dual nature of the creator goes back to Enki and Enlil, sons of the An. The Annunaki became the Elohim of the Torah. Freedom, false freedom, and slavery is aptly portrayed. The idea of Romdeau was a natural evolution of Brave New World.


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still would have liked more background information or plot behind the cities
it was somewhat implied the proxy made them but could also be interpreted as they made the society, not the city.

the only good thing about this serie was the opening

I'm afraid that's not an acceptable opinion. The cinematography was great. Like in this scene, you realize you're seeing from Re-L's perspective when the gun comes up in the foreground.

Show me one other show.

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texh is better by alot

They're both among my favorites.

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I fukkin love the designs of the proxies and no-one can change my mind

Ergo Proxy is a show that I'm fairly torn on. I loved aspects of the show, but felt that it descended into incoherency and pretension in the second half. Of course, its likely that I don't understand the themes and references on display, but I think it became convoluted and was just too much for me. I generally love philosophical and psychological subject matter though. Can anyone talk me into giving it a fresh shot?

Second half of Ergo Proxy is genuinely garbage, fuck off.

Random quiz show was literally one of the most kino ways to deliver backstory. Unironically one of my favorite anime episodes.

>you realize you're seeing from Re-L's perspective
That's not what cinematography means

Casshern sins > Ergo proxy

More like since Vincent fell from Romdeau

the first 3 eps until he falls are really damn kino
but the second half has some exquisite episodes in it.
the last couple of eps are pretty bad though.
I also didn't like how they handwaved the travel from Mosk back to Romdeau when it took like 3/4 of the show to get there in the first place.

They also handwaved that refugees got to Romdeau on foot and that they even went there and not to some other dome, like that 50s one with robots.

90% of domes were uninhabitable or accessible with Romdeau being one of the better ones.

I think the reason that Re-L was the only person in 50's dome was because it was sealed fully and only a high-tech high-ranking person like her had the means to break and enter.

She was relocated there by a high-ranking dude from Romdeau iirc

Lel sure whatever helps you feeling like a clever egg.

>Can anyone talk me into giving it a fresh shot?
I'm afraid references is all this show has going for it.

>Started reading up on ancient mythologies for an OC project last year
>Read this absolute clusterfuck of 2 mythologies and 2 religions, with one religion (gnotiscism) being fundamentally anti-Abrahamic

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tell me more, cute anime girl



>click it knowing full well all those nostalgic memories of how perfect 2008 was
>still surprised by the rush of feels

>he was filtered by the game show episode

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the boxset has short text commentaries about each episode and their themes and shit

I really don't feel like explaining too much, but basically
>the dual nature of the creator goes back to Enki and Enlil, sons of the An
This is Sumerian mythology. Mostly made-up for political purposes to brag to other kings that your city was the best because it's the city made by the King of Gods. Which God was it? Literally depends on who you asked, because every city replaced the King of Gods in Enuma Elish with whoever was their city's patron God. Fast forward until the Jews came along, and...
>The Annunaki became the Elohim of the Torah.
The Torah, basically Jewish mythology. I honestly really don't know much about it, nor do I really want to, but basically the Jews made their Genesis narrative by coalescing all the conflicting Sumerian mythologies and simplifying the creation of the world into a single God, YHVH. This is why, despite being a plural, YHVH''s also called Elohim. Fast forward even further and...
>You of course have the Holy Trinity symbolism
This is Christianity. The rest is history.
>Ergo Proxy was a masterpiece in Gnosticism (dual nature of the Creator)
Gnosticism as a religion was a niche group of sects that was only practiced by rich assholes and got rightfully stamped out by Christianity. It's basically just Plato's Allegory of the Cave and Theory of Forms perverted and transformed into a religion, with some "fuck you dad" anti-Christianity mixed in.

is it uploaded anywhere?
I really wanna watch it now

you sound pretty smart senpai
10/10 would share my plebian opinions with you over a beer

Not really, this is literally just passing knowledge by reading a few sites.

I thought I would hate it when I saw the preview but ended up liking that episode a lot, it was purely there for exposition and a few breadcrumbs but it was very fun and ended up being one of the more memorable episodes of the show.
My favourite episode is still of Re-L going insane with boredom while living with Vincent and Pino.

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>My favourite episode is still of Re-L going insane with boredom while living with Vincent and Pino.
That was fucking retarded. If the show wasn't tongue in cheek and there were stakes Re-L would've spent the episode trying to get proxy to drag the boat forward before they starve to death.

The seething never stops, eh?

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Ergo proxy is pure garbage and you need to be at least a teenager to appreciate this trainwreck.