ITT: literally the same characters

ITT: literally the same characters

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Deku is ugly

In what way?

Right is actually so much better than the left its amazing

>Goku and Luffy
>Naruto, Deku, and Asta
>Ichigo and Natsu
>every Isekai self insert protagonist
>every ecchi self insert protagonist
>Light and Lelouch
>Sasuke and Hiei

>Deku and Asta

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They're both Naruto clones

They're polar opposites in personality.

Hiei's backstory explains his attitude, Sasuke's does not nor is Hiei a traitor/eventual super gary stu god brother whatever the fuck happened. Most of those are more or less true but Hiei was decently written.

kill yourself


Trained for his whole life to get where he is now. He's also constantly training even after receiving his grimore. He doesn't stand bullies and bad people, no matter if they are knights or bad guys. He wants to be the wizard king because he wants to stop the discrimination of weak people.
Started training only after All Might promised him his quirk. He has a I'll relationship with his childhood bully, who he worship. He wants to be a hero because heroes are cool (yes he wants to save people, but only as a hero)

How is Hinata anything like Deku?

He's an obsessive single track mind dumbass. He's more like Goku and Luffy etc than Deku, who is more of a soft boy crybaby like Naruto, Tanjiro and them.

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Are you ok? Tanjiro is not like Deku at all.

Why do I have to see that ugly midget's face in the catalogue so many times every day? Don't kids have online school or something? Stop browsing Yas Forums.

Yes, he is dumbass

Hinata shitstomps deku in so many ways

Then point out why deku is like Tanjiro.
The reply I think I'm gonna get from you is: "you just want to be spoon-fed, and I'm not going to do that"

you just want to be spoon-fed, and I'm not going to do that

Deku doesn't even have TNJ, how is he anything like Naruto?

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they look and act so similar you must be delusional if you really think they arent "clones"

Ippo is actually Deku's brother from a different mother.

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He does though, not as prominent but it’s there.

imagine if ippo managed to only damage his arms instead of his brain

I find Luffy annoying.

>meek and quiet
>resigned himself to live a beta existence
>would bend over for anyone

>loud and boisterous with occasional bouts of melancholy
>puts out effort to no longer be a failure
>wants to be in an equal relationship or on top if the other party isn't being cooperative

What differs Deku and Hinata, those that disagree?

Hinata is not in love with a mentally challenged bully

You're not even trying.

>No backstory
Geez except for the reason being his clan got slaughtered. Not like its a huge point or anything.

sasuke's cold attitude was explained too

they both look like faggots at least, god dekus huge bug eyes really really really make me angry

Who is Kageyama?

>*talented and amazing bully

>Deku and Asta
I know that they’re both Naruto clones but their personalities are completely different

Kageyama may be mentally challenged, but he's not a bully