Flat is justice

>Flat is justice

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Why do childhood friends always lose?

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Well yes it is, why did you post boobs tho ?

Everyone thought Mayuri was this slow and helpless little angel that didn't have lusts of her own

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>have up to the story starts to confess
>didn't do it and got her guy stolen by the new girl
They ask for it.

But that's not flat at all!

go back to r*ddit

Yes, naizuri is a lot hotter than paizuri

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>Do it fit in yet?
Try harder faggot

It'd help if he didn't have a penis

Because they don't act when they should. Mayuri could easily have locked Okarin down at any point but she left things so long that a babe in hotpants waltzed in out of nowhere and stole him from her in just (what she perceived to be) 3 weeks.


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Is Mayuri even interested (romantically) in Okabe?

>Flat is justice
Mayuri is unjust.

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In the true, canon route of the original, no. But in the Mayuri route and in 0 as a whole she is.

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That's really cute

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Some people rejected his message. They hated user because he told them the truth.

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>S;G 0

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Isn't there something in the brain that makes you see children you grow up with as siblings?

childhood friend won in ao no fag

Holy based

The Westermarck effect. You become sexually desensitized to people you grew up with as very young children.

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It's just not fair.

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What changed that she didn't like him romantically in the canon route?

A flat chest is a status symbol.

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