Warikitta Kankei desukara

This yuri manga has everything you want out rape, sex and love.

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It this really good.

Aya is really the alpha in this one.

it's tons better than shitrus that's for sure

This. Both yuri mangas are good but Warikitta takes the fucking cake.

where's the rape.

Ch.5-6 I guess.

thank you I remember saving this but I forgot the name.

This chick also did some zany vampire thing right?

>yuri is pur-

I think so fucking yes.

>Both yuri mangas are good

Does it have men blowing the shit out of dumb lesbians and showing the power of the cock(tm)

No wrong thread and manga.

What’s the point of yuri if it isn’t wholesome?

Maybe, there's one annoying guy wanting to go into the lesbian teacher pants badly and another little heterosexual slut wanting to bang him but hating that the lesbian teacher gets his attention.
Maybe it will get resolved next chapter where the slut will want to expose the teacher to fuck her and have gay blackmail material and force the lesbian to fuck the male teacher with it cause the slut is annoyed the lesbian teacher isn't answering to the guy's admiration.
Honestly the plot is idiotic cause the girl should be happy with the teacher being gay and never ending with the guy she has a crush on, but no.
But in long run I expect the heterosexual slut ending with the beta tomboy childhood friend of main girl.

hello base department

Citrus is still good unless you are a huge faggot.


I want the short, black-haired milf in tomboy's fantasy to be a real character.

Yoru is going to fuck the tomboy so hard it make her an honest girl out of her.

jesus christ. have some standards. Citrus is pure shit

Citrus is still awesome fuck you and your fucking standards bitch.

Show me why I should read this.

>23 posts
>nobody has posted fat tomboy ass yet

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Why has Sei fucked the absolute shit outta that tomboy.

>Citrus is still awesome
Oof. So this is the power of reading your first entry level yuri huh.


You gotta give credit the character designs are faptier amazing.

What is happening

S-E-X, SEX!!!!!

Dump the rape, i don't wanna read about boring ass parttime lesbians.

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I guess tomboys are really horny for girls then huh?

Tomboy childhood friend that is in love with MC girl that wears glasses has discovered that glasses has been fucking lesbian teacher lady. This makes her jealous, so she goes to her house and gets naked. All they do is lay together naked in bed and sleep.

huh what you mean