Why do all men kneel before these?

Why do all men kneel before these?

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Lucky Yuta's wife's thighs

have you ever been leglocked or kicked by a girl before? their legs are like super strong, it's not like we can do anything about it

because they look really soft

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Because it's smooth and curvy, it makes me want to rub my penis against it.

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>>Concepts that women will never understand

To lick

It's a basic heterosexual impulse to have heterosexual intercourse with women with thick curvaceous thighs, using one's male penis.

Legs are underappreciated these days

because I belong on my knees, servicing thick thighs and what's between them

Shall we go softer?

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As a thighsman, I just can't resist them.

Fuck off architect

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Don't get me wrong, I thin Rikka is sexy as hell but I'd kneel before Akane's perfect shortstack body over Rikka thighs... I want to fuck Akane so bad bros. I want to lift her up and plow her hard with my BBC. Then, when my arms starts to get tired, I want to slam her down on the bed and mating press her until she cums on my dick. After she cums, I'd sit on her chest, put my bbc on her face and have her suck on it until I cum on her face. Then go right back into her pussy, fucking her hard while she has my semen on her face. I'd go so hard I'd make her huge rack rock back and forth and that sight alone would make me cum a 2nd time inside her. That's what I want to do to Akane. She deserves nothing less than a good fucking.

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Post more user!

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I'm pretty sure I am overall stinger than most girls and thus better at kicking and leglocking

Judging by that expression I think she knows


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Are you okay there user?

A nice pair of legs can be even better than giant tiddies


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Knows what?

It's nothing

I only kneel to take her doggy style on the bed.

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Post the rest

Is there any chance they will top these two girls in Dynazeon?

it's cringe NTR


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