Dragon Ball Super

Which Dragon Ball arc has the most satisfying finale?

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Buu Saga

DBZ ended with Cell saga. Buu saga was just fanservice and milking the cow. This isn't even debatable.

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Buu Saga easily

>forced tension
>plot induced stupidity
>lack of character focus to justify gohan asspull
>constant change of primary antagonist
>terrible villains until Cell's final form
>time travel
Cell saga was a terrible arc and the conclusion it had was ass

Is this bait? You're literally talking about the Buu saga.

They're both the same you idiot.
The only difference is that Buu is still the main villain and simply changes forms while Cell Saga changes villains because the Toriyama's editors told him those villains sucked.

Even then, Buu Saga basically caps off Vegeta's development well which is probably the only development that matters in Z.
In the Cell saga, they had to have characters act stupid in order for the villain to actually work

Also, Tien's Buu Saga outfit was amazing.

there's no time travel in the Buu Saga

Dunno or care but Vegeta is UNDEFEATED against Goku.

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>forsed tension
The entirety Buu saga is the characters jobbing one after another. First we have SSJ3, then Gotenks, then Z sword. Like I said before, Buu saga was nothing else than milking the cow and fanservice and it was bad even at that, there's a reason DBZ ended and we had no Dragon Ball for almost two decades, the Buu saga was just that bad.
>plot induced stupidity
Where? Vegeta letting Cell become complete was perfectly in his character and it was a great moment of development for him. Gohan turning SSJ2 and giving into his Saiyan primal rage made perfect sense as well and he forced him to grow even more as a character. There's literally no plot induced stupidity in the Cell saga while the Buu saga is filled with it, characters that shouldn't jad jobbed were forced to by Toriyama to endlessy push the plot.
>lack of character focus to justify gohan asspull
It wasn't an asspull at all. You're actually retarded. It was the most foreshadowed power-up in the whole series dating way back to the beginning of Z when Gohan headbutted Raditz.
>constant change of primary antagonist
Changing the villain isn't a bad thing and Cell saga pulled it off nicely. Not like in Buu saga where the villain switched constantly and for no reason at all.
>terrible villains until Cell's final form
Android 18 and Android 19 are terrible now? Buu saga had some of the worst characters in the entire flow and they all jobbed like crazy. Ah yes, the great Pui Pui, Yakon, Babidi, Spopovich and Dabura. Let alone comparing Cell to Buu, Cell is a masterfully crafted villain, Buu is just a dumb amalgamation of all the Dragon Ball tropes put inside a badly designed character with absolutely nothing going for him.
>time travel
Time travel was handled badly I'll give you that but it isn't any worse than Buu asspulling his way out of the Time Chamber by screaming.

I can understand saying Frieza saga is the best but Buu's? Come on dude don't embarass yourself like this.

Son GODhan is undefeated against Kneelgeta

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based and canon.


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just imagine rubbing your face in those pits

I bet they smell like sweat and perfection

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King Piccolo; the Kid Goku fight is one of the best

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>trunks reads like a fanfic character: The son of two pre-established characters, can transform into the 1000 year old super saiyan form right off the bat, beats the villain of the previous arc easily, is also from the future with a random ass sword.
>don't worry though he becomes completely useless and jobs throughout the arc
>time travel shit
>main villain of the arc is android 19 and 20
>w-wait no it's actually androids 17 and 18
>n-no it's ACTUALLY this creepy bug guy that came from some random ass alt timeline
>the arc could've been over the moment it began: Bulma acknowledges this IN-UNIVERSE and states that could've tracked Gero down a full year before the androids attacked. But the characters go full retard mode and would rather train to get their ass kicked later
>Cell being a discount freeza
>gohan being OOC, was too pussy to get angry and fight Cell despite being perfectly willing to fight his uncle and fight freeza an arc ago. he was even willing to fight freezas soldiers and rescue Dende, yet he becomes a bitch and doesn't want to save his own dad and friends from being murdered by Cell Jrs?
>whole arc takes place on Earth. Characters literally traveled to space, the whole universe is open to them yet we're stuck on Earth for this shit arc
Buu saga was good, Cell was shit

Tournament of Power unironically had the most satisfying ending for me, if Dragonball ended there i wouldnt mind it

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23rd Budokai

Your arguments are shit and I already addressed them. You have shit taste, simple as.

Last thread was brutal. I got like 5 bans

wtf is up with janies

Vegeta never truly once defeated Goku.

First fight : he had to run
Second fight: he was possessed + had to sucker Punch him from behind


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>Tournament of Power unironically had the most satisfying

>if Dragonball ended there i wouldnt mind it
Fuck no. Dragon Baoru forever!

No you didn’t cellfag, seethe some more. Glad Z ended on the high note that was Buu

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You can't judge them properly, because Toriyama had to keep adding cliffhangers for the series to continue until Buu. Otherwise, with some closure, Namek Arc for sure.

You got any fanart showing her feet?