Post your favorite meganekko

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Braids and glasses are basically like bread and butter

All of them.

My dick says Cattleya is the best.

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You already did.

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More like megaNEKO, amirite?

This is a hentai, correct?

Yeah forgot the name but I know she gets fucked

Thanks, just knowing it's a hentai is enough for me to find it.

Why is she so cute

what's to find? yandex and iqdb will both give you the sauce instantly.

I meant that I wouldn't bother looking it up if it wasn't porn.

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What makes you think that??

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How lewd she is.
You can't have a beauty mark, freckles, a braid AND glasses and not think I'd want to bust one out.

She gets rid of three of those things when man-hunting.

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That's quite disappointing, but she's still ridiculously attractive so I suppose it's fine.

She looks like she's hunting for shota.

Great taste

Wish she would hunt for me...

Hanekawa but better

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Don't forget freckles. Conservative clothing that accentuates their curvaceous bodies is also a plus.

Glasses suck.

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Imoutos suck more.

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Why are you gay?

Because you like stupid sluts who are desperate for attention?