Best openings ITT

Best openings ITT

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The vocalist and the lyrics are cringe

children Friends/op/1 no Kuni/op/1

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Contenders for best of the decade

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>horrrrinle lyrics
>garbage flat 2d cgi backgrounds because we're romcom and this is acceptable by the target audience

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This thread is severely lacking in cut. Here, have some mahou shoujo goodness, courtesy of the precure thread.

the first one is still the best


Cute* not cut.

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Shadowgraph is pretty good song but the cringe visuals ruin the OP.
why even bother posting the 2 other videos with combined resolution of 480p

Yeah, it's not my favorite but damn is it a classic. Did you hear the awesome update from one of the recent films?

Got to it before me

I like this OP.

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Actual Shaft did it way better.

Ending songs are usually better. I like this opening but I didn't like X1999 all that much.

Oh and that new Guyver anime had a good opening song too.

A more recent opening that was pretty good was the new Dororo.

And I'm surprised no one has posted these yet:

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>Cringe visuals
The visuals are the better half of the OP, and sorry I should have known better

Speed Grapher is one of those ~7/10 shows that I'm not sure is obscure, or if I just think it is. Good opening though.

Pumpkin Scissors opening song is extremely underrated.

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cringe and get the fuck out of here pilled

There, the Phantom one's a lost cause since there isn't a hd version