What anime you feel like it didn't get the recognition it deserved?

What anime you feel like it didn't get the recognition it deserved?
For me, it's Dororo, which had the misfortune of airing at the same time as KnY. And also One Outs, which every Kaiji-fag should be praising.

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watch the 1969 dororo it's a lot better

I like when they show her naked butt.

I still feel like dancing.

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Dororo just goes to show that oldest anime had the best stories, and they all should be remastered.

dorohedoro for me, shit was good and also felt good, loved the characters

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New Dororo is bad and so is One Outs anime.

Fractale, for sure. It wasn't amazing, but it was a decent show that clearly had some effort behind it. Fractale shouldn't be as completely overlooked as it is, but it had the misfortune of being up against Madoka Magica when it first came out. And that is a long shadow to get out from under.

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You monster

Cute boy.

People were raving about Dororo, though, at least on Yas Forums. I don't really get it, personally, I've always thought it was a pretty mediocre samurai manga.

Everyone hated this, it had nothing to do with Madoka "overshadowing" it. Bored people to death.


Just stating facts. Dororo directed by a complete hack and is filled with QUALITY animeysheens and has really inconsistent look to it. Manga presents and executes things way better.
Out Outs problems come from the fact that it's just a big Tokuchi jerk off, there is not even a single character that is worth mention in contrast to him. To a certain degree it's fun to see Tokuchi do it again and again, but it's also robs it out of any suspense or surprises, and no matter what is going to happen you just know Tokuchi will do it one way or another. Also, compared to the manga it's pretty awkwardly narrated and has issues with quality, surely not the best looking Madhouse work.

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Maou-sama, Retry! was such a good parody of isekai and I don't think many ended up watching it because of the generic look it has from the outset. I also loved how different the MC was from your typical isekai character. Series needs another cour so bad, but more then likely not since it didn't generic much buzz.

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Yeah, pet was nice.

Fantasista Doll. A shame it wasn't pushed more to sell little girl toys or something, because the Dolls were all pretty hot and had some nice designs. The story was silly and self-aware at times, it was just light-hearted and fun, and I liked this trend when the main girl isn't a perfect, pure and plucky girl, same goes to Frame Arms Girl.

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Maybe the opening theme and Tezuka artstyle. But nah, the remake is better overall.

Didn't this series get loads of recognition though

If you would've told me a year ago that Dororo would be AOTY 2019 I'd call you retarded but here we are. I don't think it can hide behind KnY as a shield though. It had a 9-week head start. I think the opening episode was just too dark for moefags.
Outstandingly based.
>Re:everyone bitching about old Dororo
They're way too different to even compare meaningfully. I like em both.

Did you watch it with Yas Forums? That shit was top tier comfy and hilarious

Best anime that people find 6/10 okay

I lurked the threads from time to time but did I keep up with them every episode? No. I just feel like outside the 20 or so people who would post in those threads the series didn't get much love beyond that.

It did well hear anyways

I probably would have enjoyed it either way, but those threads were so much fun. I looked forward to every single weak.

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Cutest c*nny of 2019

>Nooo you cant just kill the heckin demonrinos!
Dude lmao if he kills those trying to kill him to save himself, he will like, become like they are too. Whoah.
It was shit. And the Dororo reveal was insanely obvious too. I always thought it was a girl and was surprised when I learned she was supposed to appear as a boy at first. The seiyu DEFINITELY fucked that role up.
And dont get me started on how terrible the pacing was.
And that hill fight scene where they zigzag a still image of him up a hill as their pathetic excuse for animation? Holy shit. Terrible.

Is that her front or back?

>Dude lmao if he kills those trying to kill him to save himself, he will like, become like they are too. Whoah.
The point was that they were all broken, cowardly people who didn't want to face the consequences of their actions. They were in the wrong, and Hyakkimaru was right for staying the course, though his despair at the world around him almost made him go off the deep end.