Now that the dust has settled how was this?

Now that the dust has settled how was this?

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it kind of sucked outside of the credits song

it was god-tier from start to finish

One of the best things trigger has done in a while.


Sex with Lucia

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Lio Fotia

I was really trying to like it but everything, starting with when they announced that it was going to be a movie, was just kind of disappointing.
At least Imaishi doesn't do sequels.

I expected better. The plot sucked. The too many characters went unused. It's not a two cour anime, sure, but still. The plot was dumb and boring, as in they didn't even try. Worse even, they knew they didn't try and made wall breaking jokes about it to rub it in your face. Inb4 turn off brain and enjoy colors. Inb4 why haf to be mad, just dumb fun. No. I expect better.

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Intelligent and tasteful people

fucking retards (probably plotfags who watched some compressed torrent on an iphone with 5 dollars earbuds so they couldn't appreciate the aesthetic)

fucking retards

I liked it till the gay shit.

Based. Years in the future Promare will be considered a classic on par with Redline or Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust. Not a lot of people will watch it or even know about it, but all the nitpicking subhuman bugmen saying it's "not that great" or "overrated" will buzz on to the next cool new thing.

No. I like Trigger, Imaishi in particular, and that's exactly why I expect better from them. Even in the animation/aesthetic department. Plenty of scenes were almost undecipherable due to either being too fast, the screen just being a triangle mess, or super wacky Imaishi. I don't know, even the composition was plenty of subpar, lacking of really memorable shots. I expect better. This is not how you save anime.

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Great OST. Fantastic over the top action scenes. Best manspreading pose ever.

Pretty predictable plot though.

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The OST is hit or miss. Mostly miss. Some few good tunes. But overall not used very effectively. Maybe because there's just not much time to establish certain themes. It was a mess. A clackophonie. Indifferent noise if not just bad pop.
Wanna listen to an effective OST? Watch KLK again. Sawano is getting old. And bitter.

It was a 10/10 movie DESPITE those things. How good a work of art is is about how enjoyable it is, it's not about how few flaws you can autistically list. Just listing some things that could have been better does not automatically make it bad. It's one of the beautiful and well animated animes of all time and it gives me 10/10 enjoyment to watch it therefor it is a 10/10 movie.

(btw half of the stuff you said was not true, I'm just hypothetically saying that if all of your criticisms were correct it still wouldn't make it anything less than 10/10. The only valid points are that many of the cuts are too fast and there is too much spinning.)

I generally like Sawano's stuff but feel like it's often hit or miss so I'm not much of a fan. I felt his KLK OST was a miss other than Don't Lose Your Way off the top of my head.

I actually loved his OST in Promare though. On it's own, there's a few good tracks I like listening to and overall it's pretty good for listening. In the movie, they're used really really well IMO. They kept the pace fast and made it feel dynamic by constantly changing the mood with the different tracks in a way that made me feel very hype. I watched the movie 4 times now, 3 times in theatre thanks to the OST, it just made the movie very enjoyable for me in addition to the visuals.

Story is pretty generic even for an anime, I guess I'm really not into the hype motif/trope that trigger play around in their writing. But hey I really like Little Witch because it atleast has better character interaction and world building.

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uh I'm not quite sure about that, I mean Redline and Vampire D's theme, animation, and story are completely different than Promare in grand sense of both aesthetic and theatrical appeal. Sure Promare might be remembered in the future, maybe it's a great show for children to watch like those Doraemon and pokemon movies.


>Sawano's stuff is often hit or miss
Yeah, but odd you don't consider KLK's OST, and how it's used, one of the stronger ones out there:
>don't lose your way, very strong
>satsuki's theme, hello?
>blumenkranz: here's mama ragyo!
>ping pong, catchy
>mako's super shitty pop tune from amy so and so or whoever, haha
>Nudist beach theme, so good/max. hype
and plenty of other cool tunes. Maybe a matter of (patrician) taste, but only to some degree. It's objectively good.

No. KLK is a 10/10 despite all its many flaws. Promare is just meh.

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I just don't really like the style I suppose, a lot of them are catchy and I do generally like the ones you mentioned but they got annoying to me / I can't listen to them that much.

Promare was much more my stuff, like the first track when it was showing the origins of Burnish.

p good animation, p good art-direction, was not a fan of the english music.
story felt rushed and characters were introduced and never deveolped besides like 3.
also the fags in my theater screaming gay rights when the two main characters were on screen made me want to kill myself.

Ugly artstyle with too many cgi effects and moving camera angles that prevent you from seeing anything that's happening during action scenes. A basic plot where you can see what's happening from 10 miles away. Boring one dimensional characters that are impossible to care about. Some unnecessary and cringy pandering to fujos and faggots. A bunch of forced references to pander to fans of previous Trigger titles like a goddamn Marvel flick. And let me reiterate how ugly the artsyle is which shouldn't be the case due to how much they rip off from Gurren Lagann. At least I wasn't one of those sheep that paid money for this I instead waited for a decent pirated version.

Good, but overhyped. I liked it, but I didn't love it

Not enough ass and tits. Like not even close. I don't mind the two dudes at all, Fio even more than the Kamina retard. But for fucks sake, let there be some more tits and ass already. What a wasteland.

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Fell asleep

Consider this: a character/type like Kamina does not work at all if there's is no time to get used to his stupid. And Kamina, the original one, was a stretch already. This one here is just an obnoxious faggot nobody ever cared about.

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I wish the plot was better so I could give it a 10/10.

Fun ride. I'm not a plotfag so I enjoyed myself the whole way through.