What wisdom has anime/manga passed on to you Yas Forums?

What wisdom has anime/manga passed on to you Yas Forums?

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How will chestlets/fags ever recover?

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Free will is a myth. Religion a joke.

Monsoon please go

That is the most important lesson there is

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Both of them are perfect.

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when gai sensei told me that there's no point in trying really hard if you don't believe in yourself, and when itachi said if you try to do everything yourself you will fail

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This is so retarded it's funny

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>What has anime passed on to you
Bitches love cannons.
So I bought my girlfriend an MK14. Her birthday is next week.

>nb4 hurr durr this is from the abridged

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I think that's the point.

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Welcome to the NHK is a treasure trove of NEET quotes
I hope the author got better

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Well, that is true.

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oh holy shit how I missed watching this with Yas Forums
It was the wildest ride of the decade

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Shame I missed it, watched it about two years ago and it was fucking terrible. Luckily I saw a few of the collages they made for the first 8 episodes and had a laugh.

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