What the fuck was that ending?

what the fuck was that ending?

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Romantic comedies are not for japan. Short of some exceptions.

It was based.

why the fuck does every anime have to end without any closure. even when the characters win they are never fucking shown together. I'm going to fucking nuke japan i swear to god.

i spent hours putting up with a shit anime for no pay off

They haven't even resolved it in the sequel manga.

Isn't there a sequel or something? Or is it just a spinoff?

there is a sequel manga?

Because you wanting things to be explicity explained means that you don't trust them getting together at the end when both characters stripped their soul and hearts in front of you. Grown up man.

They haven't even been mentioned retard. There are like 3 chapters

>They haven't even been mentioned

That's my point. It would be really easy to resolve it in the Hidaka manga but there's been no indication either way.

Because the outcome was obvious as shit and the sequal manga doesn't focus on them at all but Hidaka?

Are you fucking retarded?

Apparently the epilogue chapter in the blu-ray is out somewhere, where's the raws?!

This show hurt to watch. The cgi is just abysmal.

best girl winning

Oonofags were day 1 mangafags. Hidakafags are animeonlys.

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I loved it.
And don't know your problem it's way overdone in both old and modern literature.
Only media I don't ever see it happening is american comics since MURICA has to have weddings. They can't live without them somehow.

This will change with the new manga. Just you wait.

I just wanted to see more video games.

Remember when they showed Outrun, that was cool.

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You'll get it, but not immediately. Fucoing retard, why would the author drop one of the reasons people read the sequel so soon?

.... I've heard that before. With every fucking single rom-com love triangle bullshit drama - ever.

honestly I watched Hi Score Girl more for nostalgia reasons and old game trivia than the romance itself

I started watching it just for the videogame references but it had a lot of very sweet moments early on and I started enjoying the romance part too.
Haruo is so fucking autistic, goddamn

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Can YOU do Zangief's piledriver input without jumping, Yas Forums?

You didn't like both seasons ending with the exact same cliche?

I love them both

Can I buffer with a punch? Then obviously. Now can I do a standing piledriver? Very rarely.

t. Hidaka

right, where the fuck is that hidaka manga that was announced?

Yes, you only need a 270 degree input for SPD. I can't do his super for the life of me without a stick though.