Overrated shit

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>Posts an underrated one

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Boku no Hero Academia

Not really, it's pretty on par unless we are talking when it was airing

It's underrated.

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Outside a few scenes that couldn't be done in the manga, dunno pic related was pretty damn overrated.

It's not bad, just overrated for the extend that it's punchlines fell a bit by the like 4th episode

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Mostly everything from Kyoani
Specially Haruhi,

>no 2 in mal ranking

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How is monogatari and konosuba dudebro?

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>Everything that is popular is overratted

ITT: Pretentious hipsters.

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>well yes, because obviously the only place that mirrors the entire anime community is an east korean kite crafting website.

>responding to bait

Both seasons

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Go back.


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these stealth recommendation threads are getting really creative

It's not overrated at all, you just let other people dictate your opinions.

Based and agreed

Are they though?

>bro its so deep
>girl computer
>shes JUST like me
>its so deep i watched it twelve times you just think its dumb because you dont get it
Dumb Yas Forums scum have got to stop posting

Ive never sern anyone ever talk abour this anime before what are you talking about

One punch man is overrated as fuck

Totally and undeniable.

>not overrated
Which planet are you living, retard?

>things I don't like
>things I like

simple as

is anything appropriately rated?