One Piece

What are the chances of her going to help Luffy?

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She's getting fucked by Koby



What would happen if Caribou tried to crawl inside of Kaido's ass?

I want to butt fuck o'tama

post spoilers

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post pre-TS characters you love

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Then he'd have swamp ass LOL!



I want to make Kiku's body tremble.

Vivi Nefertari, Imu's Onahole

jesus I need to stop drinking, I thought you were planning on fucking the former president


Vivi will stay pure for Nami

How do you go from this...

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i want to, and will fuck perospero

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Impossible as Nami got the suck and fuck special during the timeskip by a bunch of old men this??

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Ok lunatard

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Very easy. You are a simp.

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who said nami was also pure, don't you remember when she fucked a dog in front of her crew and robin just smiled

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severe mental trauma after years of abuse from a shitty one-legged cook

Imagine having fucked Big Mom in her pride and seeing her now? Would you feel disgusted or feel a sense of accomplishment?

To this

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to this

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>this is how luna cucks are seething now
Koby won't touch Luffys girl

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Did I just get old or has one piece not has a good arc since the time skip?

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she is still cute

To this

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git gud zolofag

does it count as grooming, isn't she like twice his age?

You're not old just incredibly shit taste. Scram

What if Gandhi is stronger than Mihawk?

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Second half of dressrosa, whole cake, and wano are good

I liked that moment a lot. Sanji needed a moment like that after kicking Luffy's face in.

Yo what if a was stronger than b

He needed that after got bubleded.

Sanji is 21, Pudding is 16

You were saying?

You mean first half of Dressrosa.

would be a bit disappointing desu, it takes away from the weight of mihawks title

It's been increasingly good. The writing style did change, you may just only want the old writing style. Which if Oda had just kept doing that then it would've gotten super formulaic.

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He had it right before the arc started for a reason, we know that sanji respects luffy. There's a reason he cried right after kicking his shit in.

yeah, that was is also super bad, there was no need for her to be that young, but at least in this case sanji isn't a predatory in the relationship like boa is