What anime do you want that will never be real?

What anime do you want that will never be real?

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More baby steps anime.

Never ever and it hurts.

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A good faithful anime of Angel Densetsu and Claymore


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Extremely based

Pic related, naturally
But user tsukihime does ha-
>yea why isn't there a tsukuhine anime?


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fuck me, i just got hit with a wave of nostalgia

this and spirit circle made me feel like a kid again at 21 years old

Biscuit Hammer is a very well-rounded work. It's a shame it didn't get wider exposure through an anime, as it likely would have made a decent name for itself.

will Prototype ever become something more than just a draft/some notes by Nasu long ago?

DtB S2, S&W, Haruhi, Far side Kohaku route, Full Zaregoto, Dungeon Meshi.

Full adaptation of Alien 9

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Full adaptation of Midori no Hibi rather than focusing on the two worst side characters.
That Mutineer's Moon/Armageddon Inheritance anime ADV tried to get made back in the day. The closest we've gotten to Dahak in an anime was Chamber in Sousei no Gargantia.
Vandread season 3.
The Wheel of Time
Yankee kun to Megane chan.
Rival Schools

One Punch Man Season 2.

>Yankee kun to Megane chan.
my nigga

remove and exterminate the pest that is Sakurai

A hockey anime

Adaptation of the Bible

Speaking of Proto and Sakurai, Fragments material when? Both the LN and Drama CD were finished already.

I think you mean Mahoyo.

Nasu said he wasn't thinking about Mahoyo anime until he finished the trilogy. It's been almost a decade and we haven't gotten the 2nd VN.

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An ova for each part of Biomeat Nectar especially the 2nd.

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The very reason why she over due both the Drama and novel that long is quite obvious that she has no intention of continuing it and only use it to create character for FGO. Now that Nasu is about to step down from FGO, she'll move on to FGO 100% in his place.

It's been so long since I last saw this manga, yeah it'll make a great movie even that

Biscuit Hammer and Spirit Circle would fit perfectly into 1 or 2 cours. I'd like an adaptation of Shimeji Simulation when it gets enough content. I'd also really like a complete adaptation of Ouran High School Host Club. Also more Kino no Tabi. Every once in a while I come up for ideas for mostly feature length movie adaptations but a full 26 episode adaptation that allows them to have the multiple characters' stories while not shafting Kino so badly would be nice. And not being idiots and wasting episodes on things that have already been adapted.

Hell, they could adapt Alien 9, Propeller Heaven, and Milk Closet in a single cour since any one of those manga doesn't have enough content probably.

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An isekai where a yakuza leader gets sent to a futuristic fantasy world and is the captain of a space pirate ship. 3 seasons of treasure hunting, escaping the space cops and it's a BL

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It should stay as draft forever. People like F / P because they have an ideal story inside their mind. Once it acquire an actual form it'll lost its perfection.

If it was written by old Nasu I am sure it would be fine but yeah if it gets written by new Nasu or Sakurai it will be a disaster.

A typical harem series but the twist is that the MC end up being more interested in the mothers of the heroines so everything turns out to be a harem full of mommies while the "heroines" are unaware of MC intentions so many funny misunderstandings are ensured, made by Kyoani.

Yes, Nasu is still better than Higashide and Sakurai, but he didn't write anything as good as his old works so at least it wouldn't suck so much. But the point is that it'll never be as good as you thought.