Mari Okada's film is now being labelled as a NETFLIX anime film

Guys this is huge, this means that during this quarantine Netflix could snatch up any anime movies that has been postponed and make it their own exclusive. You know what other movie that has been postponed this quarantine? The new Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 movie.

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This is the only one movie i looking forward to this year.

Btw,they already released the OST couple days ago, it's performed by Yorushika

Some scene on movie also pararel to Night Journey MV ( see pic related )

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>Mari Okada
Double dropped.

>Mari Okada
Why would you be excited for anything with this bitch's name attached to it? Everything she touches is rancid dogshit.

Do they get enough money from the deal with Netflix? At least close to what they will get through theatrical release? The last thing i would want is for the 2d animators to not get payed enough due to the quarantine.

>t. Kyoanus licker

How long do subs from netflix take?

>Implying I like kyoani either.
Shut the fuck up, shit eater.

That's nice but it still doesn't make me like N*tfl*x

I really liked Penguin Highway but I don't know if I want to watch Mari Okada trash just for the studio.

Too bad that they can't show it in theaters, but on the other hand we can pirate it way sooner.

>t. Retard

they don't even release them until they're done airing and monrhs after they finish dubbing them for the normies

Huge what?

This isn't good news

Well you now have to make a netflix friendly anime with sex, blacks and fags to stay in business.

>with sex, blacks and fags

Great! I hope we'll get another masterpiece like "The Woman Called Fujiko Mine" soon.

>we ge this shit but not heaven's feel

>Caring about fateshit


I want to fuck Mari Okada.

Is that even allowed?

Why do few people hated that lupin movie?

>was supposed to come out on 5th June
With Corona no one would have watched it.
Smart move dropping it to Netflix, maybe they even got paid for it.

netflix is the distributer, you dumb Yas Forumsfags

Honestly how Mari Okada became such a big deal?
All of her works are complete trash not worth reading or watching.

>we got this shit but not the MiA movie

>hating netflix is Yas Forums
It's just called not being a retard. Though in this case the movie originally had nothing to do with Netflix, so they probably didn't have much influence on it.

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Expect a good movie
Gets nexflixed
Example of getting netflixed.
I didn't save the video of escanor vs meliodas

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Oops wrong photo

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What's wrong with Mari Okada?

Horrible female and male characters.

>>hating netflix is Yas Forums

reminder if you already have a netflix account to watch it there so they get more movie rights in the future.

>Mari Okada

A match made in hell

netflix is for trannies