ITT: it's 2014 Yas Forums

Did you miss me user?

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Someone post the 2019 one


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Chaika bros
where are you at?

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someone post the 2007 one

Sadly I only have 2011~2012 and upwards

every year, except for the current year, is best year

hell no, it was a fucking shit show, and 2011 - 2015 was the worst period for anime history

>and 2011 - 2015 was the worst period for anime history

As someone who grow as anime fan during this particular period (will always have a soft spot in my heart)
why? Can you elaborate please?

Why did you tack on a column? Nothing there is important enough to sacrifice the visual cohesion of the collage for.

There was Tiger&Bunny though

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>bert scoring to win Yas Forums the semis over /mlp/
One of the most hype moments of 2014

Anyone know where I can find all the year's collages?

here you go

I miss 2017

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This was when I got more into anime however, I mainly didn't watch things from 2011-2015. S;G can be an exception.

It was garbage, but AgK threads were fun.

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I just miss being 6 years younger.

Vampire Gabu > Angel Gabu

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It was okay, you're being too harsh.

Tiger and Bunny was good, also Madoka, Steins;Gate and Fate Zero.

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>Tiger and Bunny was good, also Madoka, Steins;Gate and Fate Zero.
2011 was a great year for anime, there was Chihayafuru and Usagi drop as well

I miss you

Ever look at these things and realize how much goddamn anime gets made?

Yeah, that's just the top 30 from each year.

Well with how anime production RAMPED up hard in 2004-2006, the year priors likely only had about 30 non-kids shows to even try out. Looking at some, those shows made it in where as for the past decade or so, every single season has near 40 non-kid shows, it's totally nuts.

We have more QUALITY, less shading and more cheap CGI though, but it's still nice to have so many options.

I think looking at TOP examples year to year, anime has improved, but it's also crazy how we get like 120 non-kid anime every single year. That's at least 20-50 viable options for someone with broad taste to enjoy. I doubt I could have picked that many shows from previous decades. In general it's more like the lesser shows are better but the better shows are lesser, everything skewing to the average.

It evens out, the fans that grew up with anime move on to adult shows creating market demand; but kodomo franchises will probably always be the ones most in demand.

What about the 2012 one?