What is the absolute worst anime you have ever watched to completion?

What is the absolute worst anime you have ever watched to completion?

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Super Sonico. I dont even know why I watched it I've never even played the game. I was just fiending for another girl band show.

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn

It was not only terrible, but it managed to be terrible while copying a generic format that other shows had already paved the path for, and it couldn't even follow in those tracks.
Every character is a copy paste archetype complete with melodramatic "tragic backstory ™" episodes, the overall story felt half baked at best, and the ending was the most unfulfilling I believe I've ever seen. Literally the only reason I stuck through it to the end was to see the conclusion of the solitarily interesting thing in the show, and right at the very end when you think it's going to be revealed, it pulls the rug completely out from under you and shoves a pie in your face.

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bro i fucking felt this post hard.
This anime was so fucking terrible but I couldn't stop watching it and even read the whole entire manga

probably Scum's Wish, it was absolute trash but I was on a romance drama binge

If we can include movies, Starlight Mutiny Odin.

Only considering tv series, Aria the Scarlet Ammo. I was honestly fine with the ridiculousness until gargling werewolf Dracula.

Not like you faggots I have a taste and I don't watch trash anime

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I read something like the first sixty chapters of the manga before giving up. I honestly don't know why I bothered. Most Shonen Jump titles start out great during the gag manga/case of the week phase and then turn to shit with tournament arcs, but with Reborn even the gag manga phase was awful.

Steel Angel Kurumi S2. Only finished it because the episodes were short, anything that was a full length season I would have dropped. Shame because S1 was great fun.

Do guilty pleasure anime count? I don't normally finish garbage shows, but I finished Zero no Tsukaima purely because Louise was hot. I couldn't stop watching, but the entire time I also wanted to drink bleach because the plot was so bad.

I genuinely couldn't finish Higurashi. It was putting my head through the ringer because I couldn't figure out what the fuck was going on halfway through. I like horror, mystery, and/or plot-driven anime and typically get along with those genres well, so my lack of motivation to finish was disappointing. Am I a brainlet for losing the thread of the plot? Should I give it another chance?
To answer the thread's question, Elfen Lied or Mayoiga/The Lost Village. The former was torture porn, and the latter was torturously boring, but I just had to see how they ended.

fortunatly I watched only the first higurashi ep bfore dropping it. in my case, millenium actress was one of the biggest dissapointments ever

As someone who first saw the beginning of Higurashi's anime when I was young, got hooked but was too spooked and decided to wait until I was older, then ending up reading the VN instead...

I am really glad you didn't finish DEEN's adaptation. No, there is nothing wrong with you, they actually just rushed things so much, misinterpreted the importance of certain scenes, left out important info for the mystery, etc.

It was pretty much a mess. Not saying it's bad as a standalone work, I think it's fair to say it's well above average, but it's because of how strong the source material is (rated ~10th highest on VNDB).

DEEN's adaptation decided to focus more on the horror/gore stuff, and left out a lot of explanation or important character development (which is needed to solve the mysteries). They really made it all so dry compared to the VN, which had such heartfelt and emotional moments. There are certain points in the story where the VN would give you "tips", or give you more answers at the end of an arc, but the anime would just cut that all out and move on, etc.

I'm hoping the new adaptation by Passione will be better (it won't be hard to do better than DEEN's, especially since the original writer is going to help this time, and from the trailer it is looking to be much more faithful already). So you could check that out or try the VN as it has amazing voice acting and high production values overall (get the 07th fan mod with PS3 sprites, CGs, BGs, lip sync, and get the OG music/SFX!)

I'd say Juuni Taisen. I'd say it's tied with Lance n Masques, but at least that one has some unintentional comedy and the best girl is a silly mare doing mare sounds. Juuni Taisen became predictable early on, and the only good thing about it was the OP.

Thanks a lot for the detailed reply, I appreciate the insight into the flaws with the DEEN adaptation. I'll try the VN with the mod, and then I'll watch the new anime when it comes out this July. Hopefully it turns out more faithfully this time. Thank you user!

No problem, I'm glad you found it helpful, VN is nice because you can just buy the first chapter on Steam first to see if you like it. I'm usually an anime-only guy, I've read only a few VNs, but loved Higurashi's.

It's kind of a slow build at the start (lots of club activities), especially since you know some stuff from the anime, but once it gets to the festival, it really picks up and goes full psychological thriller!

It was manga but Arachnid.

Akame ga kill
God just thinking about it makes me mad

In my case it was Guilty Crown. The story and the characters were shit, but the OST and the animation was pretty good, especially the OST

Animegataris probably.

>Not saying it's bad as a standalone work, I think it's fair to say it's well above average...
>I'm hoping the new adaptation by Passione will be better (it won't be hard to do better than DEEN's, especially since the original writer is going to help this time, and from the trailer it is looking to be much more faithful already).
Sorry, this doesn't follow at all. You first consider the original well above average, and then you assume the remake is going to be that much better than the original because it's going to be accurate to the source. Better than well above average is basically masterpiece territory, and just because the source material is ranked 10 in VNDB doesn't automatically make the adaptation masterpiece material, even if it adapts it faithfully. You're basically mapping the VNDB ranking onto the new anime which is hilariously presumptuous (and honestly quite silly, since you're basically saying a top tier VN from over a decade back has writing equivalent to what cynical people consider an anime masterpiece in 2020 which many people rightfully should disagree with). Another big unknown is that we still have no idea how many episodes they're using for the adaptation, which I'm sure you know will drastically affect the quality of the adaptation.

I think log horizon season 2 is the only anime I have ever dropped after committing so much time.

Love the first season, but the drop in animation quality among other things fucking killed the second season for me. I just remember watching an episode and being bored out of my fucking mind, to the point that I had to question why I was even watching it at all. That feeling just eventually outweighed my autistic desire for completion.

I just want to say that using online ranking aggregators as some emblem of quality is silly.

.hack//ROOTS, it's even hard to say it's bad, it's just nothing upon nothing upon nothing. Nothing happens in this anime, you literally can watch the first two episodes, the middle season one and the last one without missing anything except the fact that a player changed his character. And all that nothing ends with: "Go buy the game we're about to release because you ain't getting any ending!".
Even today I'm more shocked by the absolute void that is this anime than anything I saw since.

It's not silly, I'm not saying it's good *because* of its rating, it's just an indicator to give a bigger picture of what others on that site think about it.