Isekai power scaling

Even the most trash battle shounen has training arcs and a MC that takes years to get powerful. Why do isekai authors blow their load in chapter 1 and give their MC everything instantly?

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isekais are shit


99% of Isekai come from Web Novels. Think except but with even lower quality.

We're already talking about that in the other thread

Read more then
It's quite clear that you just don't know shit

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>training arcs and a MC that takes years to get powerful
Does anyone actually enjoy this? Isekai is the supreme medium because it reduces everything

No, people are going 'B-BUT WESTERN ISEKAI DOES IT TOO! SO IT'S FINE!' and refusing to see that they're just tribalist towards Japanese media because 'West Bad'

no it's the other way around
Where someone is arguing the west is perfect and does not partake in shameless wish fulfillment and powerfantasy (even when it does).

What's your '4 horsemen' of a shitty story? I'd go with:

spider one was nice that it took forever to get op. i wonder if the anime is just a pipe dream at this point

"isekai" is kind of redundant (the worst part of isekai is isekai apparently)
I replace it with "adventure guild"

>still needing muh struggles in combat
What are you? A dumb shounen fag?

There are some (like Grimgar) that don't do this, but are still boring. The problem is that they don't really do anything with the fantasy setting. It's always goblins, slimes, cat-eared people, elves and demon kings. The same shit every time. I blame Dragon Quest.

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Stupid shounenfag.

You mean Fictionpress? Fanfiction is actually fanfiction, i.e. it takes characters from existing works and makes a story based on that, while Fictionpress is people making their own stories, and characters entirely, e.g. Mother of Learning is posted there and on a similar site (more isekai-like focus) called RoyalRoad.

Read more

Because that seems to be what some people want.
Turns out not every story has to have the protagonist start out small. That's not really the issue with isekai, note a lot of isekai still do start small.
No, the main problem with isekai is almost all the author's are shit. It's such an easy and accessible genre to write right now that every talentless hack and their cat is giving it a go, it's like the japanese equivalent of web comics in the late 2000s

>he thinks that summarizing shit somehow makes it better
shonen is shit, isekai is shit but shorter yet worse

>Putting words into people's mouths while he's busy sucking Japanese cock because 'West Bad, East Good'

> magical aptitude test
> MC has trash skills, summoner throws him away
> skills aren't really trash, but amazing
> series is like 2 chapters, never updated again

Seeing way too many of these lately

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>unnecessary edge from the first chapter
>girls fall in love with MC in a shallow shittily written manner
>story glosses over MC destroying hordes of powerful enemies like it's a game
>MC introduces hotsprings, onions sauce or crop rotations

>complain about "putting words into people's mouths"
>"West bad, East good"

>Calling people 'Westfag'
Gee why ever would I think that's what you're saying?

> "keep digging through that pile of shit, you'll find a single nugget of gold someday"

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Because training arcs are fucking awful and no one actually likes them, same with MC taking 5890 chapters to become powerful. Isekai is shit but its authors clearly realized people are only reading that shit for the power fantasy so they give them that instead of wasting their time with training arcs or progressively stronger enemies or some other boring bullshit.

>series is like 2 chapters, never updated again
Yeah it's not just isekai that do this.
That's just the nature of the scanlation "industry"
Sometimes it's because of limited raws, sometimes it's because of limited interest.

Just admit that West also have their share of trash. I mean I know you think that the west is a shining beacon of civilization that can do no wrong, but it's getting embarrassing. Like the western equivalent of people who believe that katanas can cut through anything.

>tfw putting words into people's mouths again
>Because western writers recognize that escapsim is unhealthy, and want their readers to grow up
this was something someone actually typed in the other thread

And that was not me.
I just recognized Japanese are even worse about escapism.
Never ONCE did I say West did not have trash nor imply Murrica Fuck Yeah.
All I said was Japan is a depressing as fuck country so they produce fast food entertainment even more than we do.

The problem with westfags is that they compare shit like "Reincarnated With A Trash Skill That Turns Out To Be The Strongest: Slow Life With A Battle Harem" with fucking "Moby Dick", which of course makes the west look infinitely superior, when you should be comparing it with similar teenager trash like Hunger Games or Harry Potter.

Training arcs was a bad analogy. What about the MC getting more powerful through amazing adventures, and barely winning battles through the skin of his teeth? Like Luffy unlocking gear 2nd and 3rd during the Water 7 arc. Something about power having more weight when it's earned vs the cheap feeling of instant gratification

> Character sheet and skills
> Trying to be subversive but not actually
> Girls fall over heels for the MC just because
> Adventure guild

I say more to compare them to cape series
you know the biggest entertainment in America at this point in time

Harry Potter is a multi-billion dollar franchise that has theme parks around the world, including Japan. If you want to compare trash isekai to a western equivalent, then look at whatever garbage passes for comics nowadays

They're just dropping the pretense.
It's not like there are any real stakes in most anime/manga anyway due to plot armor and the power of friendship.

The key of combat is the tension. How do you get tension without the struggle? When the MC been able to cleave thought every challenge it will get old fast. That why OPM focus in the side characters more than Saitaman.

You know all fiction is a farce right? (otherwise it wouldn't be fiction), it's all about the execution.

I don't think that's a fair comparison because capeshit is made by extremely rich companies with millionaire budgets, unless you are talking about comics.
Isekai is literally just published fanfiction. Those crappy young adult novels that get published by the dozens seem like a much more appropiate comparison.

if only those retards didnt stop translating it for superficial reason

yeah talking about comics at least as the source
the comparison is how popular they get to cross mediums (comics to hollywood, webnovels to anime)

>Even the most trash battle shounen has training arcs and a MC that takes years to get powerful.
Not true. For example, Deku is already stronger than the rest of his class and probably more than most pro heros and he hasn't even finished his first year.

Pretty sure the dude you're talking to has zero idea how writing even works.
He even said stupid shit like the notion a series can exist with zero conflict and struggle.

> MC starts off bullied and weak... for 5 minutes

> medieval world, but MC gets a gun

> MC gets max skills in the first 3 chapters

> skill stealing

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And BNH's sales are plummeting because of it...among other reasons.

There is no need for tension and lack of it clealry doesn't get old fast because people keep making this shit popular. Again, isekai authors know their audience want escapism and power fantasies, not tension. If they wanted that they would be reading one of the trillion shounen manga out there.
>That why OPM focus in the side characters more than Saitaman.
The side characters are a nice addition that improve the story but let's be honest here, no one would give a shit about OPM if it wasn't for Saitama. Fuck, the fact that people love OPM battles despite most of them being three heroes jobbing before Saitama shows up and slaughers the bad guy is proof enough that you don't need tension to make shit interesting.