Madoka magica AKA Anime of the decade. Anime of the decade, anime anime anime anime of the decade. Decade decade decade...

Madoka magica AKA Anime of the decade. Anime of the decade, anime anime anime anime of the decade. Decade decade decade. Of the decade decade anime. Anime of the decade.

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Already forgot it.

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Come to kamihama!

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Not that Madoka Magica

It's shit

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Huge big tits fat tits big boobs huge boobs big ones huge ones massive tits breasts boobs tits

did you know that the artist for senren kagura also designed a girl for the gacha?

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Madoka's not even the best magical girl anime with a protagonist voiced by Aoi Yuuki, let alone AOTD

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>dude it's like a normal magical girl anime but DEEP and with SUBVERSION

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I can't bring myself to watch Madoka cause I know it has a bad end that's an in universe retcon that's basically "it's all a dream" tier

it was nice because it build up a tragedy and ended with a massage of hope. most shows either do the opposite or simply end in the same note as the entire show.

just don't watch rebellion

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But what about Inferno Coppu

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it was the only good trigger anime but not the aotd.

Not even the best Ume Aoki-related anime of the decade. Hanikamu blows it out of the water.

I agree that Symphogear is the best one, but all three of those shows are great though.

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>Magical Girl
Nigga it's a mecha with a bishoujo skin.

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That's... not true at all though. I think you must be mistaken, or heard too much BS from other Yas Forumsnons. Or maybe are confused about some stuff from Rebellion.

It has a very fitting end that resolves the character arcs and themes and all in a good way.

Rebellion takes it even further, though if you don't like it you can just pretend it doesn't exist. (Rebellion is also just awesome in terms of the directing and art, it's such a surreal experience).

>it can't be mecha and mahou shoujo at the same time

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Uuh no.

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>there will never be another anime as epic as Madoka

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>not even in top 100

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madoka and s;g aged like milk

Our savior madoka in heaven will forgive your ignorance

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You should look at the blue-ray sold in madoka compare to other series instead. Mal Ranking is filled with bias and is not reliable to access the actual quality of the anime

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>there wasn't good anime like Madoka since

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Why did god endowed such good anime to us?
What if there is no anime on par with Madoka in the future? ;_;

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>Why did god endowed such good anime to us?
God works in mysterious ways. Us, mortals, cannot possibly understand his grand design.

>What if there is no anime on par with Madoka in the future? ;_;
Don't loose hope anonyous. If you pray to Madoka every day, I'm sure she will give us gift of great anime once again.

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Madoka Magica was legit one of the worst animes I’ve ever seen, and I regret watching it and have a lower opinion of the taste of the person who recommended it to me.

hows mha those days btw? has it gotten good yet?

Happy Walmart night day megucabros.

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Wouldn’t know, never seen it. But I can’t imagine it could be any more cliched or boring than this dumpster fire.

I want to stick my dick in crazy.

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yeah, mha would defintly be more fun for you than seinenshit.

>that number of votes
vegniggers are pathetic

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Attack strawmen and deflect all you want, won’t change the fact Madoka is a giant, overhyped waste of time.

im not strawmening, you said yourself you will like mha more than madoka.